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It’s the Sundaylies! With Honeybee Sex, Eggplant Recipe, and Combating Fear with Facts

Sunday Funny: Issues (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Teen Skepchick

Bird’s Do It, Bees Do It Even- Wait?! How Exactly Do Bees Do It???
Alice explains the sex shenanigans of honeybees.

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast: Happy Birthday Quickie
Should the song “Happy Birthday” be in the public domain?

Of Fae and Fungi
Chris teaches us about the folklore of fairy rings.

Eggplant! Painting and Recipe
Celia beautifully paints and eggplant AND then teaches us how to cook it!


Gods! Kokolpelli (en español)
Silvia introduces us to this Native American god.

Grounded Parents

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: The “Original” ADHD Medicine
Lou takes on another disturbing meme: the one with a picture of a belt and the caption “The Original ADHD Medicine.” Seriously, what is wrong with some people.

Scientist and Advocate Moms to Celeb Moms: Weigh GMO Food with Facts Not Fear
Surprisingly, being a parent does not automatically make you an expert on genetic engineering. So excuse the rest of us parents when we roll our eyes at parents invoking the tired phrase, “I’m not an expert, I’m just a mom/dad who cares about babies!” Unfortunately, celebrities are the worst at using the “I’m not an expert” excuse to endorse nonsense. Kavin breaks down what exactly GMOs are and why labeling them is meaningless.

Featured image credit: Jennifer C. via Flickr


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