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    It’s the Sundaylies! With Honeybee Sex, Eggplant Recipe, and Combating Fear with Facts

    Sunday Funny: Issues (via Poorly Drawn Lines) Teen Skepchick Bird’s Do It, Bees Do It Even- Wait?! How Exactly Do Bees Do It??? Alice explains the sex shenanigans of honeybees. Mad Art Lab Mad Art Cast: Happy Birthday Quickie Should the song “Happy Birthday” be in the public domain? Of Fae and Fungi Chris teaches us about the folklore of…

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  • Science

    Monistat for your mane?

    YouTube testimonials touting Monistat as a head hair growth promoter have attracted the attention of local news, HuffPost, and MadamNoire.  Could the results being seen by some Monistat-for-mane devotees be real? Yes – if a fungal infection is limiting their locks. Monistat’s anti-fungal activity is due to miconazole nitrate (hereafter ‘miconazole’).  This chemical inhibits the ability of many pathogenic fungi to make ergosterol – a chemical needed for…

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  • Featuredcordyceps

    Zombies, parasites, ants, and brains

    I’ve posted a few things before from the Breaking Bio group that I participate in, which is basically an online coffee house brew pub where a bunch of my biology friends get together and talk about cool research.  I thought you might enjoy this interview with a researcher that works on ZOMBIE FUNGUS. We interviewed David Hughes (@zombieantguy): entomologist, parasitologist, and…

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