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Skepchick Sundaylies! Real-Life Ents, Being a Better Trans* Ally, and Kavin Can’t Even

Teen Skepchick

In Which Neil Gaiman Reminds Me How Nice it is To Not Fear Posthumous Judgment
A quick thought on the nature of life.

Cryptophile: Ents
So…just how plausible are walking, talking trees?

Mad Art Lab

Design Diary – Cloud Strife Fenrir Emblem
Gamers will love Ryan’s latest creation: a wolf’s head inspired by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children.

Where the Twain Shall Meet, Part 4 of 4 {Conclusion}
Kim shares the writings of atheist activist Janet L. Factor.

Women Painting Themselves: pt 8
Celia shares more instances of the original selfie, with her latest installment of Women Painting Themselves.


Bios: Sara Josephine Baker (en español)
Daniela tells us about the great commitment of this doctor to save children.

Gods! Ishtar (en español)
In this edition of Gods!, Silvia brings us the awesomeness of the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar.


How Atheists Can Be Better Trans Allies
Trav discusses ways that atheists can be more supportive of trans* people.

Changing Times: Unexpected Side Effects
Benny writes about how his the views of members of his families towards LGBTQ people have changed (or not) over time.

Judge Bob Loblaw Presiding
AJ explores some cases where legal technicalities end up being used in sexist, homophobic, and transphobic ways.

School of Doubt

On the Market II: You in Cyberspace
Peter Nonacs responds to Dan’s concerns about curating one’s online presence.

About Those Viral Common Core Problems
Dan thinks we should be a little wary before clicking “share” on those supposed common math problems that pop up in our Facebook feeds.

Grounded Parents

Whats The Harm – Miracle Mineral Solution – Part 1
Miracle Mineral Solution is in the news again because some parents are being investigated for giving it to their children. Naturally, it’s marketed as a cure for everything from cancer to HIV. Jay talks about the harms of using this snake oil (which is actually diluted industrial bleach).

Kavin Can’t Even: GMO Opponents Continue to Use Girl Scout as a Prop
Kavin talks about a girl scout’s campaign against GMOs. This adorable child is being used as a prop, presumably by her parents, to bolster anti-scientific ideas that she likely doesn’t even understand.

His Eyes
We are used to looking at children and seeing which physical traits they got from their parents. When Cerys looks in the mirror, she sees her dad’s eyes looking back. And that causes her a lot of pain because her dad hurt her as a child. This is what it’s like when you look in the mirror and you see features from a parent that you wish weren’t there.

Featured image credit: Antoine Bertier via Flickr


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