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    Skepchick Sundaylies! Real-Life Ents, Being a Better Trans* Ally, and Kavin Can’t Even

    Teen Skepchick In Which Neil Gaiman Reminds Me How Nice it is To Not Fear Posthumous Judgment A quick thought on the nature of life. Cryptophile: Ents So…just how plausible are walking, talking trees? Mad Art Lab Design Diary – Cloud Strife Fenrir Emblem Gamers will love Ryan’s latest creation: a wolf’s head inspired by Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy…

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    Ask Surly Amy: The American Heritage Girls

    Dear Surly Amy, My daughter’s Girl Scout leader has decided she will be changing affiliation to The American Heritage Girls next year. My daughter can switch and stay with her friends in the AHG troop, go to a different Girl Scout troop and leave her friends behind, or quit both. I have since found out many disturbing facts about AHG; affiliation…

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