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Skepchick Sundaylies: “Free Gifts,” Hedy LaMarr, Google Classroom, and Mother’s Day

Teen Skepchick

Sex and Sexuality: Masturbation
Alice makes the case for masturbation.

Do Your Research: Campus Sexual Assault
Olivia encourages would-be college freshmen to look into how their choice in university handles sexual assault.

If Proselytizing Speech Were Held to the Standards of Advertising Speech
When you’re promised a “free gift” that seems too good to be true, be sure to read the fine print.

Mad Art Lab

Hedy LaMarr: The Movie Star Who Invented Bluetooth… in 1942.
Dale tells the story of the woman who is the mother of the wireless age.

The Artsy Side of Beer
Courtney shows off some of her favorite beer labels and asks to see yours!

What Time Is It?
A really great and in-depth review of the comic Adventure Time.


Bios: Jerrie Mock (en español)
The amazing story of the first woman to fly solo around the world.

More Than Words: Brave New World (en español)
This month Silvia recommends re-reading this classic book book most of us had to read when we were too young to really get it.

School of Doubt

Google Classroom
Will Google be changing education forever? Jennifer has applied to find out.

Part 3: Debating Creationism – Why it is Good Idea (but Not Always)
Peter continues his series on creationism.

Pop Quiz: Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Apostrophobia asks how sexual assault is handled on your campus.

Grounded Parents

1,000 Spankings a Year? I Think Not.
Brionybrains takes on a study about spankings and the misleading numbers.

The NICU Part 2: Ridiculously Long List of Ways to Help a NICU Parent
Deek talks about ways that you can support parents with babies in the NICU. This list can apply to many other life situations too.

It’s Okay To Hate Mother’s Day
Jenny talks about the complex feelings behind Mother’s Day.

Featured image credit: Nina Hale via Flickr


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