• Quickiesrhinoceros laying down on a bed of hay

    Quickies: Belly beer, Brexit and Doctor Who, and workplace shenanigans…

    Here is a quick Quickies for you, as I’m headed out to the airport again! Man’s body brews its own beer due to the microbiome in his gut – I mean, it sounds like it was pretty awful for him, but IF you had the ability to turn it on and off, it would be convenient! I do watch Doctor…

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  • Featuredbeer calories

    Bad Chart Thursday: Beer Doesn’t Make You Fat!

    Britain’s Beer Alliance sounds like my kind of superhero team, fighting the good fight against sobriety across the UK. At the mere whisper of “I’ll just have water, thanks,” our Alliance heroes don their goggles, suck in their guts, and stagger their way toward the cry for help. In reality, there’s no giant mug of beer crashing through pub walls…

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  • FeaturedA hand holds up Brewdog's "No Label" beer

    Beer, Queer? Thoughts On Beer and Gender

    Scottish self-proclaimed “punk rock” brewery Brewdog has released what it calls “the world’s first transgender beer.” Dubbed “No Label,” the beer is “brewed with hops that have changed sex from female to male flowers prior to harvest,” thus in the minds of Brewdog making it a Statement for Equality and, uh, somehow a symbol of the trans community. We were…

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  • FeaturedShelves of stemware

    Do You Need Fancy Stemware?

    Have you ever eaten yogurt with a fork? Ever had cereal from a coffee mug? Coffee from a mason jar? Have you, like me, made nachos in a saucepan because you didn’t have a baking sheet? Then you know that a food or beverage vessel is, for the most part, aesthetic. Wine stemware vendors like Riedel and Spiegelau stand to…

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  • Featured

    Articles About Beer You Should Stop Reading Immediately

    A list of eight beers “you should stop drinking immediately” went around earlier last year and even ended up in my inbox a few times, but I didn’t imagine something so silly could have serious traction among the pretty geeky and science-savvy scene that is the craft beer drinking community. It seems I was wrong. The article has been making…

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  • Feminism

    Craft Beverage People: Do Better.

    CN: Slurs; rape jokes; racist and sexist langage and images (mostly in links) It’s no secret that the artisanal food and beverage criticism field is a pretty privileged bunch. After all, to get into it you have to have disposable income, no ailments or conditions that would preclude imbibing a significant amount of alcohol or eating a wide range of…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Skepchick Sundaylies: “Free Gifts,” Hedy LaMarr, Google Classroom, and Mother’s Day

    Teen Skepchick Sex and Sexuality: Masturbation Alice makes the case for masturbation. Do Your Research: Campus Sexual Assault Olivia encourages would-be college freshmen to look into how their choice in university handles sexual assault. If Proselytizing Speech Were Held to the Standards of Advertising Speech When you’re promised a “free gift” that seems too good to be true, be sure…

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  • Feminism

    Tapped But Unsaved

    Yesterday, I discovered just how different two very similar concepts could be when I was sent two separate emails attempting to sell me beer and beer-related products as a Valentine’s Day present. The first was from Saveology, one of the many generic deal sites to which I am subscribed. More men than women prefer beer, so, from a marketing perspective,…

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