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ICYMI: January 12 – January 18 on the Skepchick Network

Teen Skepchick

Danica McKellar’s Fun Little Bites of Mathy Goodness
Elisheba reviews Math Bites, the new web series aimed at getting girls interested in math.

Will You Be Disappointed in Me?
Olivia pinpoints one of the hardest things about being a millennial.

Why Skepticism Needs Social Justice, and a Call to Arms
Grim argues that not only does skepticism benefit from social justice. Skepticism needs social justice.

Mad Art Lab

Aging, Metabolism, and Basic Biology
Elizabeth explains what a common biological molecule has to do with aging and metabolism.

Maria Merian: The Princess Bubblegum of 17th Century Biology
Dale tells the story of Maria Merian, proto-ecologist and artist.

Can You Pop a Pill to Learn Perfect Pitch?
Ashley examines a new study that claims you can learn perfect pitch by taking a pill.


Introduction to Pseudoscience: Horoscopes (en español)
Elara continues with her series of posts explaining where woo comes from.

Biography: Hedy Lamarr (en español)
A little bit of background on this actress / inventor.

Skepchick SE

Victims and Perps Outside the Norm Part 3 (på svenska)
In the third and final part of her series on how gender norms affect how we view criminals and their victims, Technicolor discusses how female perpetrators are often pitied and viewed as “sick” rather than “bad”.

School of Doubt

Why Making Tuition Free Isn’t a Good Idea
Dan argues that free tuition won’t make a college education more accessible to everyone.

Pop Quiz: Gays Please Leave Children Alone
How does your school handle different sexualities?

The Atheist Academic XIX: I Did Not Proselytize!
Tori finds that, when teaching the Bible as literature, students took her neutrality as atheism.

Skepchick Events

Chicago, IL: Skepticamp
Mark your calendars! The third Chicago Skepticamp is April 5.

Grounded Parents

When and Whether to Become a Mother
Steph discusses how pregnancy can effectively eliminate the rights of the mother.

How to Go from Unfortunate to Beautiful in One Easy Step
Despite a successful campaign to remove a particularly sexist game from iTunes, there are still way too many games that promote female beauty above all else.

Reaching Out
When you’re a parent, it can be difficult to make the social connections you once took for granted.

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