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    ICYMI: January 12 – January 18 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick Danica McKellar’s Fun Little Bites of Mathy Goodness Elisheba reviews Math Bites, the new web series aimed at getting girls interested in math. Will You Be Disappointed in Me? Olivia pinpoints one of the hardest things about being a millennial. Why Skepticism Needs Social Justice, and a Call to Arms Grim argues that not only does skepticism benefit…

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  • Science

    Alan Turing: computing pioneer, codebreaker, gay icon

    This post was written by Courtney and is cross-posted from Queereka.   Today, the 23rd of May, marks exactly one month until the centenary of Alan Turing’s birth. Events have been going on, and will continue to go on, through the whole of this year to celebrate the milestone. You may have seen that next month’s Skepchick Book Club book…

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  • Bisexual Species

    I totally stole that title from the article that inspired this post. I just can’t wait to see how many unintentional hits we get from the buzz words in this entry. We’ve all heard/read about homosexuality in animals, which seems to support the claim that homosexuality is natural, despite the obvious lack of synergy in the reproductive department. But the…

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