Skepchick Quickies 8.21

On August 21, 1945, physicist Harry K. Daghlian, Jr., accidentally fatally irradiated himself while trying to build a neutron reflector at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It’s sad that he is apparently well known for the accident that caused his demise, but it did lead to more safety regulations in the nuclear industry.


Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. On Dr Phil, I must say I’m surprised. I mean, I’m sure you know, Dr Brock (Or do you prefer Mary?), that daytime TV is a cesspool of woo, so it’s not “the crazy”, but I was surprised he would go out of his way to offend his key demographic. Mostly daytime TV “merely” unintentionally harms people. But this? I can’t help but think it’s intentional. Dr Phil should know, alcohol impairs judgment. That’s why sex with someone who’s drunk is considered rape.

    Mark Ruffalo is awesome. Except for MRAs, most men can understand “What if my daughter was in this situation?” (And MRAs spend all their time complaining about how no woman will sleep with them, so obviously they have no children.)

    Is anyone surprised that the first thing states would do once the Voting Rights Act was overturned was…suppress minority votes?

  2. Is anyone surprised that the first thing states would do once the Voting Rights Act was overturned was…suppress minority votes?

    There are five in Washington that are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you…

  3. Hilariously (or is it hilarious?) when I saw the Dr. Phil thing on MSN this morning, the top commenters, who filled an entire page, were all wondering innocently what the big deal was, because it’s a legitimate question! (or something)

    I mean, it’s the MSN comment board, so I got what I deserved by looking at it, but the question itself and the reaction it created there is pretty much a textbook example of rape culture.

  4. I am, like, STUPIDLY excited to see “In a World,” and I just found out it’s opening in my city this Friday. I’ve always had a weird fascination with voice acting, and this feeds that so well.

    1. There is a podcast called Talkin’ Toons with Rob Paulsen (he’s the voice of Yakko on Animaniacs, Pinky on Pinky and the Brain, and Carl Wheezer on The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron as well as many, many others).

      He talks with his friends in the voiceover industry, mostly cartoons since that is his background but he has had video game and anime stars as well. If you like, or are interested in, voice acting you should give it a listen. As well as the expected wonderful anecdotes there is plenty of advice for those trying to make it in the biz.

      1. I didn’t know Rob Paulsen had a podcast! That’s awesome! He’s actually the one who first got me interested in voice acting in the first place. [REALLY BORING STORY ALERT] When I was a kid in the late ’80s/early ’90s, I of course watched a lot of cartoons. The only voice actors I really knew were Mel Blanc (prominently credited on all those Looney Tunes) and June Foray (who my parents pointed out as doing most of the non-Blanc voices in Looney Tunes). Anyway, I was naturally a big fan of the Ninja Turtles, and I remember watching an episode of Tiny Toons in which there was some one-off character who sounded EXACTLY like Raphael. I caught his name in the credits, then looked for it in the next TMNT episode I watched. After that, I would always check the credits for names I recognized, and tried to recognize them by voice before I did.

        1. Yeah, I really liked it. I stopped listening a while back because I had just too many to listen to and the naming system messed with my player. I have a different player now, I should catch up.
          My favorite episodes are when he has Maurice LaMarche on and they drift in and out of Pinky and the Brain but with filthy language. Childhood ruined but I don’t care. (OK, who am I kidding? I was in my 20s whet PatB were on.) :)

  5. That’s the same chunk of plutonium that killed Louis Slotin a year later (though, to be fair, he was being reckless – Fermi had warned Slotin that he’d be dead within a year if he wasn’tmore careful), and exposed a bunck more people to high levels of radiation. They called it the Demon Core until it was used in one of the atomic teats on Bikini Atoll.

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