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ICYMI: February 17 – February 23 on the Skepchick Network

Hello! It’s such a wonderful day! Or at least it will be after your brain soaks up this Skepchick Network awesomeness.

Teen Skepchick

Science Sunday: Diversity of Locomotion
Ine continues here investigation of the diversity of life by looking at how animals move around.

Atheism and Morality: Good without God?
Does God define morality?

Protecting the Young Protects No One
Children don’t need information withheld from them; they need an adult to help them navigate the world.

Mad Art Lab

The Presidential Gallery
Beth highlights the artistic endeavors of US presidents on President’s Day.

Some Study that I Used to Know
Ryan writes and performs a Gotye parody.

MadPicLab Returns! Like a Zombie!
Elyse is resurrecting the popular MAL feature. And she might want to eat your brains.


Pro-Choice for Dummies (en español)
The main pro-life talking points are the easiest to refute.

Feynman’s Frying Pan and the Serial Killer’s Sweater (en español)
About the irrationality of seeing agency in inanimate objects or places.

The Reforestation Myth (en español)
How to tell when a government is doing reforestation wrong.


The Dose Makes the Poison
Don’t panic. Your Dasani won’t kill you.

The Weight of an Eating Disorder
Aretha and her girlfriend have been dealing with an eating disorder. This is their story.

Fallen Women
An opinion on sex work from someone actually in the business.

Dear Pluto, We Still Care (på norsk)
Kristin C. talk about the 83rd anniversary of the discovery of Pluto and why it isn’t considered a planet anymore.

Featured image credit: Moyan_Brenn


Mindy is an attorney and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. She hates the law and loves stars. You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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