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  1. I don’t know what I find more ridiculous: that the guy thinks airport pat-downs are part of a ‘homosexual agenda’ (yes, I’m sure all gay people LOVE having to grope fat, sweaty and possibly diseased travellers all day long), or that he thinks there is such a thing as a homosexual agenda in the first place.
    Does he think there’s some secret cabal of gay people meeting in a secret room somewhere, with the queer version of a bond villain stroking a pink, long-haired pussy, flanked by a couple of drag queens, and –in a lisping voice– asking “now then, gentlemen, how can we gay up the country this week?”

  2. I had no idea that the shadowy gay conspiracy got their rocks off on groping the sorry, downtrodden people that constitute an airport security line. Do they also fantasize about post offices, DMVs and city buses?

  3. @Praedico: Yeah, I’ve never understood homophobia in that regard…how come the ugliest men are the ones most fearful of being hit on by a gay man? Don’t they get that gay people are entirely normal insofar as leaning toward ATTRACTIVE people?

    Whenever I hear a guy go off about gay guys potentially hitting on him I like to snark back, “What makes you think men would want you any more than women do?”

  4. Reading the tech story just makes me feel overwhelmed, and sad, and guilty. Yet another place where there is a gender gap, and they are all important, all of them, but we can’t fix everything at once, then there’s the racial gaps, and the economic gaps, damn, too much, TOO MUCH……..

    I think I just got a glimpse of how president Obama must be feeling… only devided by infinity.

    How has that man’s head not exploded by now?

    I need a drink; scotch on the rocks take me away!

    I don’t seem to be making any sense.

  5. My favorite bit from the idiot republican homophobe: “turning playgrounds into gay breeding grounds”. Let that one sink in for a bit.

    I used to think that attitudes like this clown’s eventually go extinct, and that’s why discrimination against certain groups eventually ends. But now I don’t

    The used to discriminate against women. They used to discriminate against people of color. But they don’t any more, right?

    But actually, they still do (see: U.S. Tea Party), and regret that they cannot do so (as) openly as the used to be able to in the past. It seems they find someone new to hate (gays, illegals, poor, etc.) who they can openly discriminate against, but in private, they still hate the others, too.

    I want to be glib and say “White, conservative, christian, males” are the problem, but that’s not really it. It is people in power don’t like to empower others, because they think it takes power away from them. It just so happens that “White, conservative, christian, males” are in power in the U.S. (and many other places) so they are the ones doing the hating.

  6. @scribe999: I’m trying to make a joke that he believes the idea is to force people to be patted down, and then they might like it, and suddenly turn gay.

    But it’s just not funny. He’s a nut.

  7. Another gay republican hiding in the closet and making bigoted remarks. Eventually he will get caught when he gets a DWI when he leaves a gay bar with a rent boy tied up and naked in his trunk. At first he will say that he is being smeared by the liberal gay atheist muslim socialist fascist media. Then when the graveyard full of murdered gay prostitutes is found in his back yard he will say that he went through a phase in college but that he was cured through close personal treatment with his minister. Then when hundreds of gay men come forward with photos and video tapes to prove that he has been having gay sex with them right up to 3 minutes before the current press conference he will burst into Glenn Beck tears and say that he was possessed by the devil. When it is revealed that his “wife” is actually a man he will go before the cameras and say that he will be going on a religous retreat so that he can meditate. He will come back and once again pronounce himself cured. Then he will write a book flogging his cure for gayness and go on Oprah for a cryfest. Finally he will admit he is gay and say that he has always been for equal rights.

  8. @Gabrielbrawley: It does kinda get to me when people assume that the homophobes are all gay themselves. Yes, we’ve seen it often, but some people are just fuckheads. Not all are closeted, self-hating fuckheads.

  9. This is why I’m getting more and more serious about moving to New Zealand. I requested immigration information yesterday. Now to convince The Girlâ„¢ to go with me.

  10. I really must say that these days the US frightens the living FSM right out of me.

    It looks more and more like Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is not so much a work of fiction but a JREF prize winning prognostication.

    Seriously, I do not, cannot understand how the kinds of cloud cuckooland nonsense, idiocy, disinformation, hatred, et al, continues to spread, and spread, and spread in the US, especially in its mainstream media — I know, it’s all owned by corporate monoliths of great power and great hate, but seriously … and how quiet the skeptical community is about it all — generally speaking.

    What the heck is going on down there?

    Some poster here, a few weeks ago, mentioned that he thought skeptics should adopt socio-political activism as part of our modus operandi (sp?), and I think he is absolutely correct.

    Shermer’s a waste of space and time, but the rest of the great squad of skeptics such as Randi, Dawkins, the Skepchicks, the Loxtons, and so many more could really have a hand in saving the world from the plan of destruction that the US neo-cons are taking us all to.

    I mean yes, certainly the woowoo of religious nutters, homeopathy quacks, anti-vaccinators, etc., are important enough that we must take a stand in outing their idiocy, but damn it all so are such anti-humanity freaks as Palin, Beck, the Republican Party in general, Tea Party people, etc., etc., etc., and their woowoo is no less woowooish, nor destructive to the world as a whole than is the worst of the other sociopathic nutters.

    Man, down the weary road of social collapse we seem to so happily ride.

  11. It’s just like zombies. They touch your junk and you become gay. Think about it. 1 gay TSA guy, thousands of passengers, some of whom are also TSA guys, it grows exponentially. OMFSM, we are doomed!!! IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE!!

  12. LOL. The last post I attempted did not make it by the censor board.

    I’ll try again, with a milder tone. Ha, ha, ha. More fun in America.

    Speaking of which, what the heck is going on in America anyway? It seems, what with the Tea Party, the TSA, and so on, that the USA (and Canada too, though for different reasons) has given up on being the land of freedom, democracy, and apple pie.

    A little while ago another poster mentioned that he felt skeptics should take a much more visible and stronger stance on politically-based woo. I agree. Shouldn’t we skeptical folks be a little more active/activist on the socio-political front?

    By which I mean it strikes me as rather singular that there is almost no talk, that I’ve come across (of course, I’m not everywhere, so I could be missing out on something somewhere), on the major skeptic sites regarding, among other things, these horrible TSA infringements on people’s privacy. Nor does there seem to be very much on the general woowoo proselytization spread by the neo-con right that is so damaging to the country and to the world in general.

    Shouldn’t we skeptics, with our agenda of truth through discourse, debate, research, and study be speaking out loudly about the apparent decline and fall of democracy in North America, and elsewhere? Is that not a valid topic for critical thought and the skeptical approach?

    Or do folks feel that politics is not suitable fodder for the skeptical community (like some folks feel about religion)?

  13. Whoops! Now how’d that happen? I vanished only to return in doublicate several hours later.

    Sorry folks.

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