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    Graffiti Propaganda

    Quickies: The Hamburglar Is Real, but Sinclair Can’t Say the Same about Its “News”

    Sinclair is forcing its stations to run a commentary segment that’s essentially a Trump campaign ad, by Pam Vogel at Salon: Sinclair’s enforcement of pro-Trump propaganda on local news in the stations it owns around the country is nothing new, but this article lays out the latest brainwashing coming to living rooms near you, in the interest of keeping this…

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  • Feminism
    knitting gender disparities (red for men; green for women)

    Quickies: North Carolina–Come to Have Your Drink Legally Drugged; Stay to Be Legally Raped!

    North Carolina: Where ‘No’ Doesn’t Mean ‘No’ When It Comes to Rape and Sexual Assault, by Dara Sharif: “Yes, in the year 2019, in North Carolina, once a person consents to sex, there are no backsies. People can’t change their mind. So, depending on the timing and how a date night might progress, ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no.'” Sharif quotes an…

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  • Skepchick Quickies, 2.7

    No link between flu vaccine and paralyzing disorder. The top women scientists in history. Sex blogger Violet Blue busts myths about female sexual victimhood. (Possibly NSFW.) What atheists are really concerned about.

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  • Skepchick Quickies, 1.26

    Honest raptors refuse to lie about their fitness. I just like this headline. Caffeine and glucose combined improves the efficiency of brain activity. Do the majority of AOL’s profits come from people who don’t realize email service is free? Simple science – a series of photos about scientific beauty.

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  • Skepchick Quickies, 1.24

    The next generation of rocket scientists. Does mindfulness meditation change brain structure in eight weeks? Undercover UK police cleared ‘to have sex with activists.’ (From Luciano.) A woman’s experiences as a female computer software engineer. Four recipes to make plastic at home.

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  • Skepchick Quickies, 1.10

    A takedown of The Australian Vaccination Network President, Meryl Dorey. (From Nick and belleatheist.) 8-year-olds publish scientific bee study. Budget crisis threatens future of US science. (From Kevin.) Hacking the passive girl dolls into action figures.

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  • Skepchick Quickies, 1.5

    Girl, 10, becomes youngest to discover supernova. (From jes3ica.) Positive results for ESP claims? Prof Daryl Bem of Cornell says yes. (From Brian Engler.) Is there science to back up the prevailing opinions about obesity? (From Shinobi.) Learning about measles and vaccination. Um, language is NSFW. (From Daniel.)

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  • Skepchick Quickies, 1.3

    Advice for the new year: Abandon resolutions. Reject positive thinking. (From Sarah.) Bad science in movies. Do pterosaurs still exist on Papua New Guinea? A greatest hit from Geek Feminism – self-confidence tips and tricks.

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