Skepchick Quickies, 11.29


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  1. See. they wait until the second to last paragraph to pull out what should be a major point in the Nike article. “Well we’re totally donating money to help young girls improve their lives…. except for all those young girls that make our products. We don’t want to have to pay them more! hahaha.”

  2. I call dibs on the Oort cloud, but only those bodies that are in orbits that won’t cause them to be, or be involved in the disturbance that creates, the comet that destroys life on Earth.

    Or maybe I’ll just demand $100 000 per year for keeping my property from destroying civilisation.

  3. I wonder which nation’s property laws she’s using to determine her ownership. Or which nation is going to support her in a property dispute.
    Can you even claim property no one’s ever actually physically visited? Or without having a way of marking your property as being yours (so people know they’re on your property)?

    Otherwise I could decide to “own” all the space surrounding the earth and demand a toll for every space shuttle and sattelite passing through …

  4. @Bjornar: Same reason we never call them on their obvious fucked-in-the-headedness. We want their oil. Quite frankly, decreasing the influence and affluence of the Saudis is more than enough reason to explore off-shore drilling and alternative fuel sources.

  5. The Saudi women story is several layers of disappointing. The women are fighting for the right to escape the tyranny of their fathers. But how? By getting their fathers to marry them off to a husband who will then have complete control over them. Hard to be too enthusiastic about that fight.

  6. I hereby patent the sun.
    I discovered the sun (was unpatented) and can claim this legitimately.
    If DNA can be patented so can the sun.

    All users of the sun must immediately cease and desist further use or pay me a royalty.
    $.000001 per kw/h ought to keep me in good stead.

    Now fork it over.

  7. @weatherwax:
    I hereby claim the location in space occupied by the earth on the winter soltice, and will shortly construct a virtual toll booth.

    From now on everyone on earth owes me $1.00 every winter solstice.

    Hmm, clearly, owning a patch of space runs into some issues concerning frame of reference. Technically, the earth never occupies the exact absolute spot in space every winter solstice. Only once. But that’s still good for a 6+ billion dollar payout at $1 per inhabitant.

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