Skepchick Quickies, 11.15


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  1. I did The Elements song for my high school talent show some…gah…25 years ago, and surprisingly, I still remember it. I wasn’t as well-known, but at least I didn’t mess it up (he didn’t get it right even when he corrected himself). Still, always good to get science out there in popular culture.

  2. Nice homeopathy article. A similar test was done in Norway a few years back with the same results. Of course the proponents aren’t interested in research, as can be seen in the comments.

  3. What I learned about science from Star Trek : any media technology, no matter how revolutionary to the point where simulations become indistinguishable from reality, will mostly be used for cheesy genre fiction and porn.

  4. @Bjornar, I think most homeopathy proponents fail the first test of skepticism: their answer to the question “what evidence could convince you that you are wrong” is almost always “nothing“.

  5. @Mark Hall: I was thinking more of how the Holodeck, what would be the greatest accomplisment in simulating reality, is mostly used for keeping a Vulcan’s libido in check during Pon Farr or living out Mickey Spillane novels. Heck, in DS9 they’re pretty much used as virtual brothels. This is why I felt so much sympathy for Rom, Quark’s brother…because he likely had to clean those holosuite booths *shiver*.

  6. @catgirl: It does seem odd that in space station where they routinely rearrange matter and energy at will (holosuites and transporters) they never even thought of something as simple as the ‘Roomba’.

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