Skepchick Quickies, 9.22


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  1. Not sure how homicide ranked above abuse as a worry a parent should hold on to. Abuse by parents and in dating relationships is a hell of a lot more prevalent than homicide; and the involvement of drugs and alcohol in many car accidents is ignored.

  2. Gays cause global climate change? That’s almost as laughable as the comment about “Biblical cause and effect.”

  3. I enjoyed reading the coments on the Jezebel piece, it was quite obnoxious of the writter to leave out actual statistics other than ‘complications are rare’.

  4. I’ve had D&D on the brain lately, so I’m picturing the “Clerics” wearing chainmail and wielding a shield and mace.

    Be careful, though! They might be worshipping an evil-aligned god, so I’m not sure we can trust them.

  5. I love Jezebel, but I’m beginning to really, really hate any article they do that’s even related to science.

    I’m sort of afraid to even look at it.

  6. @Skept-artist: Thank you. :) I need to collect everything.

    We were on the local news, too. So that was pretty awesome. We held a huge sign over the freeway and then had a rally. I’m still pissed. But it got everyone motivated and eventually I think we’ll get there. Of course, it always seems like it’s “eventually”….

    There is a chance I’ll be involved in a few other local arrestable actions as well. I’m just glad we weren’t arrested in DC hahaha.

  7. If the clerics keep causing trouble, we should send in some Fighters and Magic-Users with lots of hit points right away!

  8. @Joshua: I rolled a 20 bringing my total Insight roll to 35. I think we can trust them. Although I *am* playing a Cleric.

    Actually technically my current character is a hybrid bard-avenger.. but that wasn’t as convenient for the joke. Also actually typing that out made me realise how much of a munchkin that sounds like. In my defense, the entire party are hybrid bards.. you see we arn’t so much a party as a band. :)

  9. Holy crap, I love the idea of a touring band of Hybrid Bards. That’s so genius.

    I love playing Bards, too. They totally fit my style of “I don’t know what I want to do. Can’t I do everything?” Plus, who doesn’t love a character that can literally mock people to death?

  10. If there are enough Skepchick D&Ders, we should try to run an online campaign or something. ;) Assuming somebody else volunteers to DM, that is. Organisation is not my forté… (Pronounced as such because a Bard would naturally use the musically-derived two-syllable pronunciation rather than the etymologically-implied one-syllable pronunciation, of course.)

  11. Naughty Samoan clerics fingering homosexuals leading to rising temperatures and CO2 emissions? Sounds like a premise for some really kinky gay porn.

  12. We actually ran a D&D campaign in which the party was a band but only the tambourine player/eye candy was a bard. The rest were just musically inclined members of other classes.

    @James Fox, If the parents are the ones doing the abusing, i guess whether thay are worrying about it is a moot point.

  13. D&D I’m in! Which ed though? I really love old-school Gnomes, but not so keen on the new Fey-Gnomes.

    On the Samoa issue, it really pisses me off that Christianity has permeated and warped the awesomeness of Polynesian culture(s).

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