Skepchick Quickies, 9.22


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  1. Not sure how homicide ranked above abuse as a worry a parent should hold on to. Abuse by parents and in dating relationships is a hell of a lot more prevalent than homicide; and the involvement of drugs and alcohol in many car accidents is ignored.

  2. I enjoyed reading the coments on the Jezebel piece, it was quite obnoxious of the writter to leave out actual statistics other than ‘complications are rare’.

  3. I’ve had D&D on the brain lately, so I’m picturing the “Clerics” wearing chainmail and wielding a shield and mace.

    Be careful, though! They might be worshipping an evil-aligned god, so I’m not sure we can trust them.

  4. I love Jezebel, but I’m beginning to really, really hate any article they do that’s even related to science.

    I’m sort of afraid to even look at it.

  5. @Skept-artist: Thank you. :) I need to collect everything.

    We were on the local news, too. So that was pretty awesome. We held a huge sign over the freeway and then had a rally. I’m still pissed. But it got everyone motivated and eventually I think we’ll get there. Of course, it always seems like it’s “eventually”….

    There is a chance I’ll be involved in a few other local arrestable actions as well. I’m just glad we weren’t arrested in DC hahaha.

  6. @Joshua: I rolled a 20 bringing my total Insight roll to 35. I think we can trust them. Although I *am* playing a Cleric.

    Actually technically my current character is a hybrid bard-avenger.. but that wasn’t as convenient for the joke. Also actually typing that out made me realise how much of a munchkin that sounds like. In my defense, the entire party are hybrid bards.. you see we arn’t so much a party as a band. :)

  7. Holy crap, I love the idea of a touring band of Hybrid Bards. That’s so genius.

    I love playing Bards, too. They totally fit my style of “I don’t know what I want to do. Can’t I do everything?” Plus, who doesn’t love a character that can literally mock people to death?

  8. If there are enough Skepchick D&Ders, we should try to run an online campaign or something. ;) Assuming somebody else volunteers to DM, that is. Organisation is not my forté… (Pronounced as such because a Bard would naturally use the musically-derived two-syllable pronunciation rather than the etymologically-implied one-syllable pronunciation, of course.)

  9. Naughty Samoan clerics fingering homosexuals leading to rising temperatures and CO2 emissions? Sounds like a premise for some really kinky gay porn.

  10. We actually ran a D&D campaign in which the party was a band but only the tambourine player/eye candy was a bard. The rest were just musically inclined members of other classes.

    @James Fox, If the parents are the ones doing the abusing, i guess whether thay are worrying about it is a moot point.

  11. D&D I’m in! Which ed though? I really love old-school Gnomes, but not so keen on the new Fey-Gnomes.

    On the Samoa issue, it really pisses me off that Christianity has permeated and warped the awesomeness of Polynesian culture(s).

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