Skepchick Quickies 10.10

  • Parents outraged by pro-Islam baby doll – They say they can decipher “Islam is the light” in its babbles.  Kind of soundsl ike “God is light” or “Kill your mom” to me.  Here’s a link to the doll babble.  Thanks Cary.
  • Stem cells harvested from men but not women – “German scientists peeked under the schnitzels of 22 subjects, examining cells from previously biopsied testicular tissue. They discovered that, given a few weeks to grow, the cells were able to differentiate into different types, just like stem cells harvested from embryos.”
  • Rampant Rabbi: 7 wives – His justification for having 7 wives is very Joseph Smithian. He’s just so superfantastic that he must share himself with these poor, devout, husbandless, Messianic Jewish women he sees around him. Thanks Rav.
  • Fungus cannon – No, it’s not a band name (yet).


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Good example of the brainwashing of modern feminism right there.

    7 women mentally capable (god bots or not) consent to a polygamous relationship, and that means it’s time to male bash.

  2. From the “Rampant Rabbi”: ‘God was telling me I was a king. Not the Messiah, as has been suggested, but a Messiah. What God was showing me was that I would have a significant role in a Jewish revival, that a true nation of Israel would rise up and the world as we know it today was going to be severely judged.

    ‘There would not be democracy, but kings throughout the world – humble, righteous kings.’

    Humble? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Humble before God, perhaps, but still hot stuff when it comes to the ladies! And fortunately, both men and women will have kings like him to tell us lesser folk what to go do with ourselves.

  3. …Or the punk version of the band name: “Butt Fungus Cannon”.

    Or the religious offshoot of FSM, “Fungus Canon”.

    Either way, that video was awesome.

  4. @mxracer652: Did you read the same article I did? I didn’t see any particular bashing. It seemed pretty evenhanded to me. The author admits to being uncomfortable, and to not understanding how such an arrangement is possible. But she lets the women explain themselves, and I didn’t see anything suggesting that they’d been brainwashed.

    If you’re referring to Amanda’s description of the link, I inferred as much cynicism about the divine mandate as about the sex of the perpetrator. I suspect that you could swap the gender of the pronouns and get the same message, although it might be a little more unusual.

    And finally, I think there’s a serious question about whether someone who’s so taken with one individual’s peculiar religious doctrine is “mentally capable.”

  5. Can someone explain to me who would actually program a doll to say both “Islam is the light” and “Satan is King”? Is Fisher-Price being run by dueling factions of muslims and satanists and this doll is a pawn in their ongoing battle to dominate the market for way-too-loud children’s toys?

    It doesn’t even occur to the ‘reporters’ to mention that maybe people are just hearing things that aren’t there?

    I am a Hedge

  6. By the way, I got a barbie-doll for a niece for her birthday and it came with a little dog that poops. So, it looks like the satanists are winning the barbie-doll battle.

    I am a Hedge

  7. This is how I read the description:
    It’s the subtlety that the women are victims (poor, devout, husbandless) and he is the perpetrator exploiting their weaknesses because no True Woman would ever consider polygamy.

    I guess I read it wrong?

  8. @mxracer652: Yes, you did misread it. I was talking about the arrogance of the husband- how he paints himself as such a do-gooder for helping these women by giving them a chance to be “married” to him. As if there’s nothing in it for him and as if these women couldn’t do well enough for themselves without him.

    Hence, the Joseph Smith comparison.

    And I’ve got nothing against polyamory but I make a special effort to mock arrogant pricks wherever I go.

  9. (Chava) cheerfully admits having had issues with sex, specifically that her marriage to her late husband was not consummated, and says that Philip is her first lover.

    LOL, wut??

    And the “pro-Islam” doll is obviously a case of pareidolia. All I heard was a bunch of baby noises and a little bit of clicking at the end.

  10. (off topic) that stem cell thing is pretty cool! Yeah, it isn’t perfect… but wow, just think about how we have come in the last 10 years? Wow!

    @Amanda: “Anyone who has been brainwashed by modern feminism is welcome to come join my harem.” Sign me up :P

  11. Hi there!

    I can totally hear “Islam is the light” at the tail end of those baby noises. Yes, I know, the baby is not ACTUALLY repeating Islamic religious messages, but now that it’s been suggested to me, I can hear it. I guess I’m just THAT suggestible. :( It almost sounds like they recorded actual random baby coos and gurgles for the doll, so I’m sure it’s unintentional. Most children don’t form really strong religious convictions at that age. ;)

    It seems like whenever I tell someone about polyamory, the next thing they say is: “You want to be a Mormon?” (or Muslim) Then I have to explain that in a perfect world, both men AND women would be able to have multiple spice. (plural of “spouse”)

    — Craig

    PS: I think the fungus cannon video just turned me gay.

  12. Good morning Skepchick peoples.

    If you ask me, the name of the wee toy alone is satanic message enough to get my goiters gargling.

    It leads to some ponderous ponderations, such as, why have we in North America (and perhaps elsewhere but I haven’t been there so I won’t make any presumptious assumptions) turned motherhood into some kind of UR and perfect sainthood and ultimate life goal dripping with such ersatz sickly sweet sentimentality?

    Is it marketting? Is it the will of the (Libertarian’s perfect dream ;) ) people? Is it neurosis? Psychosis?

    As for the rampant rabbi … I don’t know about any bashing or brainwashing, but is anything on that particular Website real? Or perhaps I should ask, is any story on that Website in any way whatsoever trustworthy? It’s a lifestyle site. A site devoted to ideology, spam, and marketting, not to mention poor and ideologically directed writing. What I’m saying is that given the Websites bonafides, there does not seem to be very much valid ethos or logos (as in two of the three artistic proofs of rhetoric), in the Website, hence the story.

    And, being skeptical critical thinkers, we should all always dig for valid ethos and logos of a story, any story, before we spill salt over it.

    Amanda said:

    “… I make a special effort to mock arrogant pricks wherever I go.”

    Well bless my dithering soul, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! But let’s keep it all evens stevens, as it were, ;) and mock both pricks and, if I may be so bold, prickettes too.


  13. href=”#comment-35195″>SicPreFix: I didn’t notice that the rabbi article was hosted by the Daily Mail. That certainly raises some suspicions, to say the least. Thanks for pointing that out.

    I’m liking the hats on this end of the comments, by the way. :D

  14. I am confused about the Doll. How is saying “Islam is the light” as reported a hateful thing? It was quoted multiple times in the news report that the doll was spewing hate.

    I really wish I heard that doll before they said what it was supposed to be quoting. Now I can only hear “Islam is the light”, stupid pareidolia.

  15. @Protesilaus:

    A doll some are claiming utters pro-Islam and even satanic messages has outraged parents in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

    (emphasis added)
    Because it’s praising the wrong deity, silly. If it was saying complimentary things about Jesus, one doubts that they’d have an issue. And it seems likely that anyone who did complain would get a decidedly different treatment from FOX News.

  16. @Protesilaus:

    I am confused about the Doll. How is saying “Islam is the light” as reported a hateful thing?

    Because, silly, everyone knows that Jesus is the light. Even people who never heard of Jesus know this (see Romans). So If you say “Islam is the light” it means you hate Jesus (again, even if you’ve never heard of him).

    I am a Hedge

  17. Sounds like “Ingram is right.” Obviously a reference to Luther Ingram’s hit “(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want to Be Right”.

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