• God Hates California

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Look, I know that I’ve made a lot of videos this month about the wildfires in California, but in my defense it’s really fucking bad, and also no one else seems to be talking about it. Seriously! This was something I saw on Twitter for the past week, people complaining that no…

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  • Kellyanne Conway Says Anti-Religiosity Caused Jewish Massacre

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump and suspected Wheeler from Return to Oz, made headlines this week by claiming that the recent massacre of eight Jews at the Tree of Life Synagogue was caused by “anti-religiosity” amongst people, particularly comedians, in the US. Conway said, “The late night comedians. The un-funny people…

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  • The Religion of QAnon

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: I’ve mentioned a little bit about QAnon in previous videos without going into much about what it is, and who “Q” is — I’ve only talked about some of the results of their idiocy, like people trying to free supposed child slaves (who don’t exist) in the middle of Arizona. But since…

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  • Measles Vaccines are Haram in Indonesia While Disease Runs Rampant in Europe

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: It’s probably no surprise to you, if you’re subscribed to my youtube channel or patreon, that the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) is safe, effective, crucial for preventing the spread of disease, and the subject of so much debate and pseudoscience that insane people like Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield are genuinely…

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  • San Francisco’s Hottest Cult is like Scientology but with Sex

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we really are blessed with everything — great weather, the Golden Gate Bridge, burritos, and a sex cult. That’s right, I just recently learned that we have our very own sex cult. LA likes to act like they’re so much cooler than us but do…

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  • Pope on Powdered Toast Man

    The Pope Told a Gay Guy He’s Alright! But Catholicism is still the Worst

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Big news out of Rome, you guys — Pope Awesome Guy III has privately, quietly, allegedly told a gay man that “God made you this way.” This is huge news, because it reveals that Catholic doctrine is being slowly but surely nudged toward a more progressive path by Lady Gaga. The Pope’s…

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  • Make Gay Conversion “Therapy” Illegal!

    Support more videos like this at! Transcript: Gay conversion therapy is a bullshit religious practice in which people who hate gay people utilize various “techniques” with no basis in science in an attempt to convince a gay person to not be gay anymore. It’s often performed on minors against their will, and studies show that not only does it…

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  • DeVos Protest

    Bad Chart Thursday: DeVos’s Pyramid Scheme for Education

    US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos appeared on 60 Minutes earlier this month, in part to plug her latest pyramid scheme: for-profit school choice. Yet DeVos couldn’t answer basic questions from host Leslie Stahl about how school choice was working for students in Michigan, DeVos’s home state, where she’s successfully lobbied for decades to implement for-profit charter schools with little to…

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