Skepchick Quickies 8.21

  • Can drinking fruit juice stop certain medications from working? – Yep, I knew grapefruit juice was a problem for certain medications.  But taking meds on an empty stomach with water all the time?  How about just listening to what your doctor says about how to take them.  Thanks Rav.
  • Colorado Christians say their state wants to censor the Bible – Darren sent in this link and a link to a pdf of the Bill that is referenced in the article.  I’ve only had a chance to quickly scan the bill but it sounds like the only “censorship” is that they don’t want people publishing homophobic, racist, bigoted books/pamphlets/etc. to advertise their businesses.  Please feel free to take a crack at it and correct me. 
  • Doctors aren’t preachers – The California Supreme Court has ruled that doctors cannot refuse to treat gays on religious grounds.
  • Pastor misuses pulpit – “An activist group has filed an IRS complaint against Cornerstone Church, accusing the megachurch’s pastor of endorsing three Sumner County school board candidates from the pulpit.”  From DMS.


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. Well I’m kind of bummed about the smoothies not being good for you. I’ve been making my own at home for years. I was happy that something as yummy as frozen fruit, juice and fat free plain yogurt was good for me. I’ll probably keep making them but I won’t feel as smug about it.

  2. The reasoning behind the smoothie thing just seems dodgey to me. It “releases sugars”? Doesn’t chewing fruit release those sugars, too? And can’t you just counteract the effect by brushing your teeth afterwards?

  3. I’ve skimmed through the bill and what it seems to say (in a convoluted legalese) is, basically, that if you have a shop you can’t put a sign saying “Gays not welcome” (or “black people”, or “unmarried mothers”), and you can’t put that in your advertisement either. That’s a far cry from “wanting to censor the Bible.”

  4. Many Christians fear that one day the Bible will be considered illegal in America.

    Well, if the nearly universally reviled Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not illegal (as far as I know), why would the Bible get a different treatment? I think this fear stems from what I’ll call the Golden Rule of Bigoted Paranoia:

    “Assume others are trying to do unto you as you would do unto them.”

  5. What an incridible load of crap. It is hard to think of a more christian nation outside of Vatican city. Christians are given more consideration, are allowed to break more laws, are allowed to use force and hate to advance their goals. How can they claim to be afraid that the bible will be considered illegal in America. It is just a lie. It is just one more way to gain power and accumulate wealth.

  6. Hooray for doctors being told that they actually have to do their jobs like the rest of the world! If a waitress can’t refuse to serve a homosexual couple because it’s discrimination, why on earth did it take so long to apply the same rules to people who make it their life’s goal to help people as best they can?

  7. From the CO bill, section 6.24-34-601:


    That’s new text added for this amendment. The section on publishing discriminatory matter only applies to “places of public accomodation.” And it’s an existing statute, to which they added the words “sexual orientation.” So the reality is that they’re giving religious organizations more freedom to be discriminatory than they had before.

  8. @Darren: Sorry, looks like you already covered that in your blog post.

    Gotta love the high level of journalistic integrity over at cbn.

  9. Gabriel, glad I could help you maintain your smugness. :)

    Thanks for the update, Darren!

    And LOLKate, all I have to say is: Word.

  10. As the doctor thing goes I am in complete agreement. It is a doctor’s job to treat not to judge, doctors that push there own beliefs in my opinion should be repremanded by the AMA.

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