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Who wants to party with Bug Girl?

I’ll be at the Ecological Society of America Meeting in Milwaukee in early August–wanna party?  I have Thursday night, August 7th, open for carousing.

Please note all participants will will be sworn to secrecy about Bug Girl’s sooper sekrit identity. There may even be a waiver you have to sign :)

Also, any tips on a good spot to eat near the Convention Center appreciated.

Also, I have now officially Made It in the Blogosphere. I just got my first free book to review! w00t!

Very excited.


Bug_girl has a PhD in Entomology, and is a pointy-headed former academic living in Ohio. She is obsessed with insects, but otherwise perfectly normal. Really! If you want a daily stream of cool info about bugs, follow her Facebook page or find her on Twitter.

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  1. Well probably can’t make Milwaukee. Isn’t that the beer town? If I could make it, you notice me as the one who screams like a girl (no insult intended) at the first sight of spiders or bees. When they get into our house, I call out the big guns, my wife. Then you would see me hiding behind her until the bugs are eliminated.

  2. I wanna go… Why do you people keep having all these events far away?

    OK, new rule. All SkepChick events and events SkepChicks will attend must occur within five miles of Rystefn’s person at the time of said event.

    So let it be written. So let it be done.

  3. Milwaukee? Hmmm… About a nine-hour drive. Possibly worth it. Maybe I should check Amtrak fares.

    I had an ex-girlfriend in Milwaukee, though. Bad memories.

  4. I promise not to bring any actual live insects, Danimal.

    I have heard from a couple of other science bloggers that might make it, so it would be fun to have a little skeptical cross-pollination.

  5. I wanna come and totally do a Laverne & Shirley routine with Bug Girl & Elyse!

    Alas, I don’t think I can. :( But I’m glad to see that this is totally Summer of the Skepchick. Have fun, ladies!

  6. I’m in the Milwaukee area and can probably make it on Aug. 7. :)

    I’m not too familiar with what’s in the downtown area but we can look.

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