CAHC Obamacare chart
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Bad Chart Thursday: GOP Obamacare Chart Makes Case for . . . Obamacare

Last week, Politico shared the internal GOP policy brief for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), a brief that inadvertently makes a pretty good case for not …

Bannon vs. Baghdadi: more in common
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Bad Chart Thursday: Fox News “Defends” Bannon by Noting He Hasn’t Beheaded Journalists

When your best defense of a man is, “Hey, at least he hasn’t beheaded journalists,” perhaps it’s time to raise your standards. But this is Fox News we’re talking about, …

Chart of Trump vs. Select Movies
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Bad Chart Thursday: Trump Less Popular than “The Sex Lives of Potato Men”

Donald Trump’s approval rating has remained at a historic low for a new president: 43%, as of February 1, according to Gallup. A whopping 52% disapprove of the job he’s …

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Michael Moore’s TrumpLand, Art or Opportunity to Cash In?

Being part of an entertainment industry family, I can’t help but assume that Trump is going to release his own “reality” television version of the elections, win or lose, tears …

Facepalming in front of laptop
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Attention PR Folks: How Not to Do Your Job

A couple weeks ago, I published an article at Forbes titled “Keep Calm And Avoid Microbiome Mayhem.” The story covered the recent Microbiome Medicine Summit, an online event featuring speakers like …

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Sorry for the Weird Emails

Those of you who have subscribed to Skepchick via email recently received about 20 “new post” notifications, all of which appeared to be posts I wrote in Latin. I’d like …

Walmart receipt Jesus
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Throwback Bad Chart Thursday: The Pareidolia Plot

Originally published on January 23, 2014. As skeptics, we’re probably all familiar with the concept of pareidolia, perceiving a distinct pattern, often an image, in randomness, such as the many …

beer calories
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Bad Chart Thursday: Beer Doesn’t Make You Fat!

Britain’s Beer Alliance sounds like my kind of superhero team, fighting the good fight against sobriety across the UK. At the mere whisper of “I’ll just have water, thanks,” our …