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Bad Chart Thursday: Nielsen’s Pretty . . . Useless Charts

If you’ve ever seen a Nielsen report or article, you’ve seen the company’s charts. In fact, the reports often read more like brochures, as though marketing their market research is …

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Apple’s New Racially Diverse Emojis Are Aliens in Disguise

Apple just released a new OS featuring an option to change the skin color of their emojis, which previously were all white. That’s great, right? What could possibly be secretly …

Age of death and musical genre
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Bad Chart Thursday: How Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, and My Little Pony Can Kill You

University of Sydney researcher Dianna Theadora Kenny recently wrote an article titled “Music to die for: how genre affects popular musicians’ life expectancy,” about her research into early mortality and …

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Surly Amy Has a #SciArt Patreon Project. Please support!

I was so inspired by all of the art and science panels at ChiFi this weekend that I decided to finally try to reach for one of my big dreams. …

The Chicago Skepchickcon Marvel Cinematic Universe
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I’m in the Choir. Preach to Me.

We hear this piece of complaint, or advice, or admonishment, depending on the circumstances, quite a bit: “Don’t just preach to the choir.” It’s a bit ironic particularly in skeptical …

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#SciArt is Beautiful, Smart and Inspiring

The brilliant mind of Glendon Mellow from the blog Symbiartic has instigated what may be the best Tweet-storm of all time. Starting today and running through March 7th. Glendon is …

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Top 10 Reasons Why Broad City is the Best Show on TV

Hands down, Broad City is the best comedy show currently airing. I’m serious. I could have written 50 reasons why it is the best thing to happen to television but …

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So This is What American Girls Were Like in the 60’s

This look back in time via found American Girl magazines from the 1960’s was originally posted by the wonderful Ashley Hamer on our fabulous sister site Mad Art Lab. Enjoy! …