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    Ask Surly Amy: Marriage Counseling

    Dear Surly Amy, I’ve been with my boyfriend for several years now and we’re at the point where the topic of engagement/marriage is coming up. We’re interested in going through pre-marriage counseling. This sounds simple enough but the problem is all the programs I’ve heard about have been religiously affiliated (we’re both atheists) or set off my bullshit meter. Examples…

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  • TAM 7 Wrap-up and Thanks (Warning: Mushy)

    To talk about this weekend’s events at The Amaz!ng Meeting 7, I realized I’d first have to talk about The Amaz!ng Meeting 4, which occurred in Las Vegas in January of 2006. Luckily, this takes little to no effort because I already wrote about it here for Skepchick Magazine, the monthly e-zine that we produced before focusing entirely on the…

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