• TAM 6: Wrap-up!

    Maybe 400 of you are thinking, “Oh good, another TAM update,” and 40,000 others are thinking, “Look, stop rubbing it in.” Lucky for me, this blog is not a democracy. The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 is now finished and I am home in Boston. Once again, I am stunned by the sudden lack of neon and the preponderance of taupe. Each…

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  • TAM 6 Days Three & Four

    I’m currently in the party suite and it is HUGE. I mean, no, huge. I took a video but the Interwebs are slow here so I’m not sure when I can get it online. In the meantime, I’m uploading pics to Flickr. I’ve been Twittering as often as I can, and I see that a whole mess of you have…

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  • TAM 6: Day Two

    I’m writing this from Steve’s laptop while he’s in the other room being interviewed by a Vegas TV news station. I was just interviewed, and it was lots of fun except for that I had to rush back to my room to change (out of the see-through pants and into a dress), had no time for make-up, got lost in…

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  • TAM6: Day One

    Apparently Donna came out as a creationist yesterday but I’m way too wiped out to even participate in the melee that has erupted as a result. (I’m kidding, Donna . . . I hope. Holy zombie jesus I hope you didn’t come out as a creationist.) I arrived in Vegas last night around 12:30am PT on a late flight that…

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  • TAM Pre-Game

    For those of you living in caves, first of all, TAM is The Amaz!ng Meeting, held each year in beautiful Las Vegas. Second of all, why do you live in a cave, and what’s your rent? But I digress. I know many of you can’t attend this super fun event, so I’ll be blogging on Skepchick whenever possible, and when…

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  • Hear me at The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 next week

    Hello everyone! I am delighted to announce that my good self (well, quite naughty self usually) will be speaking at James Randi’s The Amaz!ng Meeting 6 at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. My paper, one of the Sunday presentations, will be at 9.45am on 22nd June and is on the topic that is the topic of ‘marketing on teh interwebs’.…

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