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    Guest Post: A Critique of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW)–Part 2

    Editor’s Note: This piece from Rebecca (not our fearless leader, a different Rebecca) goes into the issues behind a program like Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia and why skeptics don’t get to hold themselves to lower standards than other people. (I highly recommend that you check out part 1, mentioned below.) ********** This is the second article that I have written as…

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  • FeminismRipples of sand

    When Doubt is a Poison

    Stories of sexual harassment in the science and skeptic communities are nothing new around here, despite the efforts of far too many people to dismiss them. To understand the impact of these instances on a particular survivor, I recommend that you read carefully a recent essay by my friend and mentor, Pamela Gay, about her own issues with harassment and…

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  • Events

    Meet Rebecca at the Australian Skeptics National Convention This Weekend!

    It’s here! The 2012 Australian Skeptics National Convention, being hosted by the Victorian Skeptics at the Spot Theatre in Melbourne November 30–December 2. The theme this year is Active Skepticism—Changing for the Better. Those of you in the neighborhood (or lucky enough to make the trip to the land of funny spellings) don’t want to miss a weekend packed with…

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  • Scientists and Skeptics on Twitter

    Twitter isn’t just for brainless pop star publicity machines and Shaq – there are a lot of interesting scientists and skeptics online. Here are some people worth following – I’ve tried to focus on people who have a good-sized audience, update at least a few times a week, and aren’t just geeky but are sciencey and skeptical. Post your favorite Twitterers…

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  • Women at TAM: The Results Are In

    One of our goals here at Skepchick HQ is to get more women interested and involved in skepticism and science, and as a part of that I like to keep an eye on skeptic events to see how many women are showing up. It’s kind of tough since most events don’t have participants fill out surveys, so usually you just…

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  • Boston Skeptics in the Pub Pics!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the very first Boston Skeptics in the Pub! I estimate we netted 50 or 60 people, filling up the Asgard’s back room and overflowing into their slightly-more-frontward back room. Mike the Mad Biologist got high praise for a fascinating talk full of science-y goodness. Audio of Mike’s talk will be online by this…

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  • Hey Alaskans! (I know there are a few of you)

    Blue Collar Scientist has informed me that he is organizing a meet-up for Anchorage skeptics on March 20 at a Barnes & Noble. Details here! The huge recent increase in skeptical events and meet-ups has been fabulous, I must say. I’ve pretty much always been pro-meatspace meet-up since I first met the other New England-area skeptics back in 2004. Writerdd…

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  • The Good Times are Killing Me

    New York always leaves me happy, but I always leave New York sad. There’s a moral somewhere. Thank you to everyone who made it to my talk yesterday — I was told we had about 55 or 60 people, with about 40% women, which if you saw my talk you know is kind of great.  Afterward we retired to The…

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