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Twitter isn’t just for brainless pop star publicity machines and Shaq – there are a lot of interesting scientists and skeptics online. Here are some people worth following – I’ve tried to focus on people who have a good-sized audience, update at least a few times a week, and aren’t just geeky but are sciencey and skeptical. Post your favorite Twitterers in the comments!

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Skepchicks & Teen Skepchicks














Group Feeds: Skepchicks & TeenSkepchicks


Phil Plait (astronomer, blogger at

Richard Wiseman (psychologist, writer)

Chris French (psychologist, The Skeptic Magazine)

Carl Zimmer (science writer, Discover blogger)

Neil Degrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, Hayden Planetarium)

Ben Goldacre (blogger, columnist, Bad Science)

PZ Myers (biologist, ScienceBlogger)

Kiki Sandford (biologist, This Week in Science Podcast)

Mike the Mad Biologist (um, biologist, ScienceBlogs)

Pamela Gay (astronomer, AstronomyCast podcast)

David Colquhoun (

Dr. Joe Albietz (pediatrician, TAM7 guest)


Tim Farley (

Amanda Marcotte (Pandagon)

Oskar Kennedy (Suburban Panic)

Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist)

Andy Lewis (Quackometer)

Reason Weekly (skeptical news aggregator)

Terry Simpson (Skepticdoc)

Derek Bartholomaus (

Everyday Skeptics


Richard Haynes (Lifewithoutfaith)

Joshua Nicholson (Tobasco DaGama)


DJ Grothe (Point of Inquiry podcast)

Brian Dunning (Skeptoid podcast)

Derek and Swoopy (Skepticality podcast)

Richard Saunders, Dr. Rachael Dunlop, Karen Stollznow, and Tiffany Day (SkepticZone podcast, Australian Skeptics)

Brian Thompson (Amateur Scientist podcast)

Soccer Girl (Soccer Girl podcast)

Reginald Finley (Infidel Guy podcast)

Ira Flatow (Science Friday)

Peter Sagal (Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me)

Sean Ouimet & Desiree (Skeptical Radio)

Skeptographer (Skeptographers group podcast)

MsInformation (Geologic podcast)


Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare at Goats)

John Hodgman (More Information Than You Require)

Scott Sigler (Contagious)

Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan)

Neil Gaiman (American Gods)

Terry Pratchett (Discworld)

Edzard Ernst (Trick or Treatment)

God The Father (The Bible)


Tim Minchin

George Hrab

Jonathon Coulton

Paul and Storm

MC Frontalot


Adam Savage (Mythbusters)

Grant Imahara (Mythbusters)

Stephen Fry (QI)

Penn Jillette (magician, Bullshit!)

Jamy Ian Swiss (magician)

Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy (MST3K, RiffTrax)

Sarah Haskins (Current TV’s Target: Women)


Iszi Lawrence (comedian, Sundays Supplement podcast)

Eddie Izzard


Jeffrey Rowland (Overcompensating)

Jon Rosenberg (Goats)

Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)

Jessica Hagy (Indexed)

Steve Degroof (Tree Lobsters)


The Skeptics in the Pub feed has info on SITP events and guests from around the world. Plus, Sid Rodrigues of London Skeptics in the Pub.

SkepNet good collection of skeptical links

JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation), and Jeff Wagg (JREF General Manager).

TAM London has info for those going to that event in October

TAM 7 has info on that conference in July

SkeptiCamp (bar camps for skepticism)

Scientific American

Skeptical Inquirer

Central Ohio Skeptics

Calgary Skeptics

New York City Skeptics

Atheist Nexus

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor.

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  1. Is there a way to link to this page from the sidebar or something?
    You could even add to it as more links come in.
    It’s a great resource page that someone might want to find back, say, 6 months from now.

  2. Also Eddie Izzard, I’ve found, is obsessed with the weather. Specifically, the sun. He loves when it is sunny out.

    He was twittering from the stage last night. I’ve seen him live twice, and once he actually texted on stage, so I can just see him talking to the audience about his twittering on stage.

    Okay, sorry for the Eddie Izzard fangirl crap.

  3. Oh oh and what about our nerd family? Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, and Whil Wheaton are all on Twitter! I can’t access Twitter at work but I’m sure y’all can find ’em with ease…

  4. And let us not forget:

    Unofficial VPODS (Vice President of Doin’ Stuff) of the Boston Skeptics, cynic, compulsive film watcher, humorist, two-time failed blogger, and all-around Prince of Space: Me!

  5. As much as I love Paul & Storm and John Hodgman, are they really self-identifying themselves as skeptics? Or the MST3K guys?

    They might, and I just missed it.

  6. Crap! You scooped me. I’ve been working on a “Using Twitter for skepticism” post for skeptools this week. But thanks for the plug!

    Ah, well, you save me the trouble of listing all the accounts and I can focus on the other stuff I’m writing about building community, how to engage skeptics and woos in conversation, etc.

    Here’s a few folks to add to the list, most of them just joined Twitter recently:

    Edzard Ernst of “Trick or Treatment”
    David Colquhoun of
    Dr. Joe Albietz pediatrician & TAM7 guest

    Andy Lewis of
    Reason Weekly skeptical news aggregator
    Terry Simpson of
    Derek Bartholomaus of (& IIG)
    Everyday Skeptics

    Sean Ouimet of SkepticalRadio & Skeptographers
    Desiree the host of Skeptical Radio
    Skeptical Radio a skeptical weekly radio show in Edmonton
    Skeptographer Skeptographers group podcast
    MsInformation of Geologic podcast

    Grant Imahara of Mythbusters
    Jamy Ian Swiss awesome magician/mentalist, TAM5 & TAM7 guest

    Misc People
    Hal Bidlack perennial TAM emcee
    Reed Esau creator of Skepticamp

    Local Groups
    Australian Skeptics
    Skeptics Canada
    New York City Skeptics
    Atlanta Skeptics
    Central Ohio Skeptics
    Dragon*Con Skeptics Track
    Calgary Skeptics

    Finally, for anyone planning to attend TAM 7, follow this account: TAM 7. Some folks from the JREF Forum will be relaying announcements via that account during the event.

  7. Great suggestions! I’ve incorporated many of them, but did leave out those that weren’t skeptical enough (it’s a judgment call, and a tough one to make between geeky and skeptical) and those that just don’t update often enough to make them worth the recommendation….

  8. Oh and I’ve still left out Expatria because I was going to start a miscellaneous category but then it seemed extraneous. So…anyway, start a blog or something, VPODs. Maybe I’ll sneak you into one of the other categories.

  9. @Expatria: Uhh ahhahh! Champion of the sun!

    I don’t actually have anything else to add because I refuse to use my cell phone and I don’t text and therefore by default cannot Tweet. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the damn blogs!

  10. @Elexina I use twitter mainly on my laptop when home. It’s nice to have on a phone but not entirely necessary.

    @jtradk A lot of companies block twitter. That’s why the almighty Jobs gave us iphones.

  11. Yay! So many awesome twitterers! Mucho props to Sean and Desiree (and the Skeptographers) for representin’ Edmonton! Plus, you know, they’re awesome.

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