• Quickiesgrey cat with tongue sticking out

    Quickies: Amazon fights quackery, Jupiter’s storm shrinks, you can help kids this summer…

    Welcome to the “Nicole is slightly tipsy and on work-cation in Puerto Rico” edition of the Friday Quickies! I am here for fun and vacation AND to visit the world famous Arecibo Observatory for the very first time. First up, our featured pet above is Captain Cassian James, fur-son of Mad Art Labber Seelix. Look at his face. LOOK AT…

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  • Activism

    New Parenting Blog Launched!

    Today the Skepchick Network is proudly unrolling our new skeptical parenting blog, Grounded Parents! (Intro to the new site x-posted from Welcome to Grounded Parents, the Skepchick Network’s new skeptical parenting blog! I’m Elyse Mofo Anders, managing editor and 6 year veteran contributor to our parent site Skepchick, and qualified to be here because somehow someone got the idea…

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