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    Quickies: 2019 only gets more depressing and even weirder…

    Happy Friday, everyone! Or is it? It’s been a bit hard lately to think positively in this country when we’re caging immigrant families and recreating fascist symbolism in the capital. Let’s take a closer look at the first week of July in the bizzarest timeline. Vermin Supreme is running for President in New Hampshire once again, but this time, with…

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  • Activism

    #AntiTrump Protests Continue in Dallas

    For the third night in a row on Friday, protests against the election of Donald Trump continued in Dallas, TX. The event was organized by the Next Generation Action Network (NGAN) as a rebellion against minority rights being “put on the back burner for bigotry and hate.” Before the night’s events commenced  at Main Street Gardens, two or three counter-protestors stood in opposition to…

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