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  • On The 1st Day of Winter Break My True Love Gave to Me: A Day That Was Fun and Care Free

    Yesterday I submitted my grades and had my last lab meeting of 2020. Strange is working this upcoming week. He’s taken Christmas attending coverage every year that we’ve been together, but I have absolutely nothing pressing today. No deadlines. No urgent emails. No home school. Nothing that can’t wait a spell. It has been at least nine months since I…

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  • Uterus - anatomical diagram

    “Nannogenic” – because “we put sand in our pads” doesn’t sell product

    I don’t pay a lot of attention in the sanitary products aisle when I go shopping, but this box caught my eye. (Images below.) I initially thought the illustration on the box showed molded plastic, with some sort of speaker and that this was a truly weird product that would hum period pains away. I freely admit it is possible…

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  • Lessons From Amy Cooper and Franklin Templeton

    Last night I started seeing posts pop up in my social media feed from a bird watcher who was accosted by a white woman while watching in Central Park. It absolutely broke my heart. Take a look at Amy Cooper’s shameful behavior: The birdwatcher that posted the above video is a nature advocate, science editor, and board member of the…

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  • How is Astrology Still A Thing When It Fails To Predict A Pandemic?

    The New York Times posted an article on Saturday by Hayley Phelan titled Will Coronavirus Kill Astrology? and although I know the answer to this type of headline is always no, I was intrigued and hopeful. Astrology hasn’t been on my radar for a few years and I though maybe Covid-19 would indeed have a significant impact on believers. The…

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  • This Celebrity Shaman has Discovered a Natural Way to Prevent COVID-19 (And Other Lies)

    This crisis is putting a bright spotlight on a lot of society’s problems for all that are willing to see. The US economy was already a broken system with no support for those in crisis, it’s just that now there are more in crisis. Forcing people to chose between a pay check and staying home sick was always a public…

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  • The result of he reviewer experimenting with sourdough

    Super Sourdough – a Book Review

    Back in January my wife received a gift from Scandinavia. A sourdough starter from an actual Copenhagen bakery, smuggled in by a brave friend. I assume it counts as smuggling. I’m not actually finding anything about the legality of bringing sourdough starters into the US, but some sourdough aficionados are giving advice online on how to make sure your starter…

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  • Don’t Abandon Our Littlest Learners…

    We are on our 13th day of social distancing in Case de Amontillado, the official name of the Strange-Isis abode. Some day I’ll write about why we named our house after my favorite macabre tale when we bought it two years ago, but today it seems eerily appropriate. I haven’t been out of Casa de Amontillado in any meaningful way for…

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  • cultured butter

    Activities for Social Isolation: Making Cultured Butter (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

    I wasn’t planning on going through social isolation a week ago, but the community I live in has been affected by COVID-19 and so here we are. Fortunately, I usually spend my weekends inside my house doing all kinds of fun things (who knew I was so trendy doing social isolation before it was a thing?), and this weekend I…

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