• Bring Back Tuca and Bertie

    It’s funny, it’s feminist, and you should watch it even if it ends up being only one season long. Ok, so I promised Nicole I would pick up the Quickies for her today, but instead I want to bring your attention to the animated series called, Tuca and Bertie. Tuca and Bertie is a show about 30 something, female friendship…

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  • Handmaid’s Tale is Feminist Torture Porn

    Yeah, I said it. Feminist torture porn. Basically we have two full seasons of the men getting away with every sort of physical, emotional and psychological torture imaginable, with June either blankly staring in resignation or with a barely concealed look of rage on her face. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Elisabeth Moss’s ability to convey emotion with just…

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  • Mug Shot of Jeffrey Epstein

    The Rise and Downfall of Jeffrey Epstein Is About a Lot More Than Just Epstein

    A lot of words have already been written here at Skepchick about Jeffrey Epstein being arrested on charges of sex crimes. Amy wrote about how she wants every man connected to Epstein that took part in his sex trafficking to be taken down alongside him, regardless of their political leanings. Rebecca wrote about the scientists who have publicly supported Epstein…

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  • Los Angeles: Calling all Atheist, Agnostic, Secular Jews, Secularists, Churchless Women!

    The Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group (LAWAAG for short) is starting meetups again! We welcome all levels of religiosity or lack there of. The only requirement is that you identify primarily as she/her and you aren’t an asshole. We will boot you out if you aren’t friendly! The point of this group is to build a social network for…

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  • Lawrence Krauss, Jeffrey Epstein, and Firing Your Heroes into the Sun

    This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to patreon.com/rebecca! Transcript: Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news, because after years of avoiding any real punishment for literally running a worldwide underage sex trafficking ring, he’s finally been arrested and this time he may actually go to prison…

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  • Smash the Patriarchy

    Smash the Patriarchy – A Painting Nine Years in the Making

    This was originally posted on my Patreon. Please consider pledging $1 to me there to help me keep making art. Or, if you are a billionaire, please pledge approximately 1 million dollars. I appreciate the support. Below, is a big 3 foot by 4 foot acrylic on canvas painting that I started in 2010. I finished it yesterday. Originally, this…

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  • Peanuts playing soccer

    Quickies: World Cup Chants and Refusing to Play a Stereotype in Bond

    Crowd in Stadium Starts Chanting “Equal Pay” After U.S. Women’s Team Wins World Cup, by Daniel Politi at Slate: After winning the World Cup for the fourth freaking time, US women’s soccer players are still having to demand equal pay. But at least the crowd is getting in on the demands this time around. As if the women who work…

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  • Man in fedora with mouth taped

    Quickies: What About the Men? Edition

    Deeper and Down: Verbal Hygiene for Men, by DEBUK at Language: A Feminist Guide: An interesting response to “what about the men” in relation to language policing, with a focus on patriarchal beliefs about deep voices and masculinity. DNA Testing Means Forced Fatherhood as States Limit Abortion, by Heather Timmons and Annalisa Merelli at Quartz: A look at the inevitable…

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