• First Mary Sue? First SciFi?

    ... the Thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princesse, The Duchess of Newcastle publishes a book that has been called the first example of science fiction and the first occurrence of the Mary Sue trope. Its full title is The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World and while I don't exactly recommend reading it, you should know about…

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  • Bring Back Tuca and Bertie

    It’s funny, it’s feminist, and you should watch it even if it ends up being only one season long. Ok, so I promised Nicole I would pick up the Quickies for her today, but instead I want to bring your attention to the animated series called, Tuca and Bertie. Tuca and Bertie is a show about 30 something, female friendship…

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  • Michael Moore’s TrumpLand, Art or Opportunity to Cash In?

    Being part of an entertainment industry family, I can’t help but assume that Trump is going to release his own “reality” television version of the elections, win or lose, tears or no tears, dumpster fire, self-immolation or wash. So I kinda love that someone is attempting to beat him to the punch. However, that someone is Michael Moore, who in…

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  • Women in Science: The Card Game. Gameplay Review!

    This post was originally posted on Mad Art Lab and is by Dale Debakcsy. Creating a research lab is tough.  You’ve got to recruit people of complementary talents, give them the resources to be successful, and keep them just happy enough to not want to leave but, you know, not too happy.  That dynamic of recruitment and opportunistic head-hunting is…

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  • Cross-Post: Iceman is gay because being bi is unthinkable

    This post was written by Vince at Queereka. If you’re a comic book fan you probably already know that Iceman of the X-Men has been outed as gay. It’s been covered extensively in the press and that, I think, is a good thing representation. Or rather it would be in any other circumstance. In the past I’ve felt ambivalent toward…

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  • Kavin is annoyed

    Kavin Can’t Even: Food Babe Way Exotifies India, and Grossly Exaggerates or Lies About Her Dad

    Dear Vani, Your exotification of India, and simultaneous painting of the nation as full of people who can only afford cheap food is offensive. As an Indian-American, I’m appalled and disgusted by your frequent “appeals to India” in your new book “The Food Babe Way.” There is so much this-is-how-my-ancestors did it, this-is-how-all-Indians live and eat rhetoric. This is no…

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  • A man and a woman wearing blindfolds and holding hands next to the words "Married at First Sight"

    Is “Married at First Sight” a Legitimate Science Experiment?

    I have to come clean: I genuinely enjoy the show Married at First Sight. I know, I know. I started watching it because I thought it looked terrible, and bad TV is something I love. The first few episodes, I watched and mocked. But I found myself compelled to continue watching. I realized I was sympathizing with the characters and I…

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  • Compassionate Investigation: An Interview With the Minds Behind “Oh No, Ross & Carrie!”

    This post was originally posted on Mad Art Lab and was written by Courtney Caldwell. I added in some extra photos to this post version that I took of Ross and Carrie cuz they rock. Who rocks, you ask? They all rock. Ross, Carrie, the photos and Courtney. So enjoy the interview and the new podcast you are going to…

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