Cross-Post: Iceman is gay because being bi is unthinkable

This post was written by Vince at Queereka.

If you’re a comic book fan you probably already know that Iceman of the X-Men has been outed as gay. It’s been covered extensively in the press and that, I think, is a good thing representation. Or rather it would be in any other circumstance.


In the past I’ve felt ambivalent toward other super-outings. When Prodigy of The Young Avengers was outed as bi I was ambivalent. The context read like the authors were trying to generate unnecessary friction between the “flagship” gay couple of Hulkling and Wiccan, a comic couple as over-exposed as they are sexless and boring. When an alternative universe version of Wolverine turned out to be gay and in an adorable relationship with Heracles I was left wondering why this couldn’t just be the “normal” Wolverine.

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