Sarah is a feminist, atheist vegan with Crohn’s Disease, and she won’t shut up about any of those things. You really need to follow her on Twitter (and probably Google+, just to be safe).
  • ActivismA picture of the author, a young white woman with a brown undercut, wearing a red shirt that says "Femme Fest"

    The Story Behind Sarah’s Abortion

    I knew even before the two little lines appeared that I was pregnant. I’m not saying I had magic intuition or anything, just that I use a period tracker app that’s surprisingly accurate, I had sex on a day I was ovulating (it tells you that as well), & my period was late. It was the logical conclusion, but I will…

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  • ActivismAnita Sarkeesian next to a compilation of pictures of women from video games.

    The More Men Hate on a Woman, The More I’ll Probably Love Her

    Men hating on famous women is a pastime as old as fame itself. From the vilification of Eve (as if Adam didn’t eat the apple of his own free will) to Annie Oakley (“When a man hits a target, they call him a marksman. When I hit a target, they call it a trick. Never did like that much.*”) to…

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  • FeminismA man and a woman wearing blindfolds and holding hands next to the words "Married at First Sight"

    Is “Married at First Sight” a Legitimate Science Experiment?

    I have to come clean: I genuinely enjoy the show Married at First Sight. I know, I know. I started watching it because I thought it looked terrible, and bad TV is something I love. The first few episodes, I watched and mocked. But I found myself compelled to continue watching. I realized I was sympathizing with the characters and I…

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  • FeminismA book cover with a tall man with a beard whose face is hidden by clouds putting an arm around a young woman, who looks uncomfortable.

    Six Things My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend Did To Me That God Didn’t Do

    (Trigger warning: abuse, rape) Earlier today, I was notified that The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, is launching a Kickstarter for a book called God Is An Abusive Boyfriend (And You Should Break Up). If it isn’t obvious from the title, the book is about making specious comparisons between domestic violence and religion. As someone who was raised strict Catholic and has had…

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  • FeminismA screenshot from the upcoming Legend of Zelda game.

    Women are just too hard to create, says billion-dollar video game company

    If you’re hearing a lot about video games lately, it’s probably because the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is happening this week. This is when game developers, reviewers, and other gaming industry professionals get together to nerd out about upcoming video games. (Of course, I say “nerd out” fondly, as it has been a lifelong dream of mine…

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  • ActivismSkeptability logo

    Skeptability is launching!

    Hello! In case you don’t know me, I’m Sarah, and I’ve been blogging for Skepchick for almost a year now. I’ve written about my disability a couple times before, and I’ve wanted to write about it more, but I’ve always worried about doing that. Will writing about it ruin my future career chances, publicly declaring that I’m disabled? Will people stop reading what I write if…

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  • ActivismA picture of me wearing a shirt that says "How About A Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up?"

    Fuck your Civility Bullshit

    I’ve been collecting signatures on a petition for the Ohio Rights Group to get medicinal marijuana on the ballot this November. Since 87% of Ohioans support medical marijuana, if we can get it on the ballot, it’ll be easy to get passed. Earlier this week, Ohio held their primary elections, so knowing there would be a lot of registered voters out, I…

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  • ActivismChild makes grumpy face behind plate of broccoli

    No One Wants You to Apologize for Your White Male Privilege!

    So, TIME magazine (my favorite magazine when I was a teen, because I was really cool and had a lot of friends when I was 13) posted an opinion piece by a Princeton freshman titled “Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege.” And, unfortunately, I read it. And I just sighed a lot. Oh, you sweet summer child,…

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