Because #BlackLivesMatter

I have lots of thoughts about recent current events, but today is not the day to say any of it. My heart is broken. Now is a time to listen. We have a lot of work to do, mi gente. A lot of work, indeed.

I get a kickback from the ad revenue for all the shit I post here on Skepchicks. This month I am asking that our fearless leader Rebecca Watson donates my share of the ad revenue to Black Visions Collective. My family will make a donation and I hope you will too.  Send this post around. Click it. Donate yourself. Do something good.

Mi música no discrimina a nadie así que vamos a romper
Toda mi gente se mueve
Mira el ritmo cómo los tiene
Hago música que entretiene
El mundo nos quiere, nos quiere, y me quiere a mí – Mi Gente
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