Quickies: RIP Katherine Johnson

Weinstein convictions, a new antibiotic, and Black sci-fi

Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician, dies at 101 – Her NYT obituary opens with, “They asked Katherine Johnson for the moon, and she gave it to them.”

Harvey Weinstein couldn’t reverse Me Too – “Before Me Too, the messiness of the facts in this case ordinarily would never see the inside of a courtroom; after all, prosecutors generally don’t bring cases they suspect they might lose…There simply wasn’t much precedent for believing a woman’s complicated story, or even six women’s, beyond a reasonable doubt. There is today.” You can read about the testimonies of his six accusers here.

Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic – And of course they’ve named it Halicin, after the murderous Hal in 2001.

Stop marketing Black sci-fi as the “Black version” of white sci-fi – “It is fundamentally important that we give authors like Samuel Delany, Octavia E. Butler, and L.A. Banks credit for being the blueprint for a lot of this new generation of Black authorship. They are our ancestors as much as Tolkien and Le Guin. That African mythology and empire is just as rich for cultivation, narratively, as European mythology.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The line about there not being precedent to believe 6 women’s testimony, especially when it was an open secret in Hollywood, just makes me want to puke….

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