Quickies: The harm of Isaac Asimov

3D glasses on cuttlefish and self care

Today we’re going to start with a well-written article on a tough subject, and move on to some education and self-care.

Asimov’s empire, Asimov’s wall – CN: Sexual assault. It’s old news to the sci fi literary community that Asimov was a gross groping misogynist. But we don’t talk enough about the example that he set for other authors, how he drove away female fans, and how protected he was by other men who just shrugged and said he was “of his generation.”

Connecting with autistic adults in your life – “When we aren’t subjected to allistic expectations and norms, many Autistic folks get along just fine. Being Autistic, by itself, can be pretty easy. It’s being Autistic around neurotypical people that is hard.”

Scientists give cuttlefish 3D glasses for vision study – Yes, the video of a cuttlefish wearing 3D glasses IS amazing.

Watching Elizabeth Warren ignore Megan McCain is self care – Enough said!


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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