Quickies: John Updike the malfunctioning sex robot

Also Chick-Fil-A still sucks and tenured professor gets away with blatant misogyny

I’ve talked here before about my personal choice to not read books by cishet white men. Our first link today is an excellent confirmation that that was a good decision, and helps reduce the daily amount of misogyny that I’m exposed to.

Malfunctioning sex robot – By Patricia Lockwood for the London Review of Books. John Updike is a revered American author, but does he actually deserve that acclaim? He once admitted to “painting” women rather than writing them in his novels, and that might be the most generous interpretation of his clear treatment of women as other. Patricia Lockwood’s magnificent review of his work is worth the time to read, her humor and incisive criticism will make you laugh out loud.

Indiana University professor tweets about “women destroying academia” – …and then tries to hide behind “I was only quoting someone else.” He still has his job, of course. Students are being allowed the option to switch out of Professor Rasmusen’s classes, and he will be made to use double-blind grading processes to “ensure that students aren’t affected by his prejudices.” If only that was all it took.

Chick-Fil-A backtracks, says it won’t end donations to anti-LGBT charities – A reminder to not eat hate chicken.



Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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