Quickies: World Cup players on wearing makeup as women athletes

Also the economics of abortion restriction and the challenges of the foraging/bushwork community

World Cup players say muscles and makeup mix just fine, thanks – On the complexities of being a woman athlete and expressing femininity, power, and personal branding.

Restricting abortion access is bad economics – “Gruber also pointed to international evidence that shows that women are more frequently penalized in the workplace simply for having children, even when the decision was made purposefully. He said that despite more efforts to promote co-parenting, women still carry an unfair amount of the burden of raising a child, an issue that can be all the more devastating if they did not want to give birth in the first place.”

The strange place queer women occupy in bushwork – CN: Sexual harassment and homophobic slurs. On the overwhelmingly white maleness of the foraging community: “Partly, however, I am also exhausted by trying to pick alone as a queer woman, constantly battling the latent misogyny and old-boys-club attitudes and struggling with the feeling that I am not always safe.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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