Quickies: The world’s most annoying man

And amazing women athletes

The world’s most annoying man – “Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker is that guy. He thinks many people are very unreasonable, and makes sweeping claims about their irrationality and moral imbecility, but often doesn’t bother to listen to what they actually say.”

Native high schooler uses state track meet to raise awareness for missing and murdered women – “Some runners at the meet in Cheney asked Fish if the handprint was war paint. She found this offensive because of the stereotype that native people are violent. A few asked her if the painting was traditional. This bothered her less, though in Fish’s tribe, traditional face painting is for protection. The paint did not make Fish feel protected.”

Caster Semenya to be allowed to compete after IAAF ruling suspended – “The court today ordered the IAAF to suspend immediately the implementation of the regulation with regard to Caster and has given the IAAF until the 25th of June to respond to the suspense of effect.”

Call me by my name, here’s how it’s pronounced – “When teachers, administrators, or professors mispronounce student names, it is most often the names of language minorities and people of color, who are already at the short end of systemic inequalities in education. There is evidence that mispronouncing student names further contributes to lower self-esteem, internalized prejudice about their families’ languages and cultures, and lower academic performance for English language learners.”


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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