Quickies: Existing as Transgender in Trump’s America is an Act of Resistance

In other news, Lox is delicious and contains archeological secrets

  • On coming out as transgender in Donald Trump’s America by Emily VanDerWerff at Vox: Emily VanDerWerff has long been one of my favorite tv writers and podcasters (RIP The Parenthood Podcast). She is in especially fine form in this essay where she reflects on how watching the Handmaid’s Tale helped her to realize that by transitioning, her mere act of existing in America as a trans woman was an act of resistance against the Trump Administration.
  • And now in other news by a totally different tv critic also named Emily: TV’s reckoning with #MeToo by Emily Nussbaum at The New Yorker: Nussbaum reflects on how tv shows have dealt with story lines related to #MeToo from Tuca & Bertie (which you all really should be watching) to Jane the Virgin.
  • The English word that hasn’t changed in sound or meaning in 8000 years by Sevindj Nurkiyazova at Nautilus: It turns out that lox is more than just delicious on a bagel with some schmear. The word itself contains the secret to archeological discoveries about who Proto-Indo-Europeans were and where they lived.

Jamie Bernstein

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