Welcome to #TrumpsAmerica

Are you scared yet? Are you angry yet? Are you ready to fight back yet?

Because there has never been a more important time to fight than now.

From across the US of A, only 48 hours after President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory, came reports of attacks on marginalized communities from every corner of our broken nation. Shaun King has been sharing these stories all day, many of which were compiled here by Genius Senior Editor Insanul Ahmed. Here’s just a fraction of what is happening in our country, from obvious Trump strongholds like Texas, to blue states like California:

This isn’t limited to the so-called flyover states, or the usual places you’d expect. This has always been our country, from sea to shining sea, and the ugliness that marginalized communities have always known is finally being brought to light. Emboldened by their white supremacist President-Elect, the Ku Klux Klan is holding a victory rally.

If you witness racist, sexist, religious, LGBTQ, or any other kind of harassment, contact the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ACLU immediately. The SPLC is compiling reports here. If you’re a white person, intervene when you see racist harassment. If you’re a cis person who sees a trans person being harassed, speak up. Straight people, stand up for those of us who will be harassed for our sexual orientation. Speak up and fight the fuck back.

The KKK is ready to reinforce their vision of America. Are you ready to fight for yours?

Image via Beth Voigt

Featured Image via SPLC

Courtney Caldwell

Courtney Caldwell is an intersectional feminist. Her talents include sweary rants, and clogging your social media with pictures of her dogs (and occasionally her begrudging cat). She's also a political nerd, whose far-left tendencies are a little out of place in the deep red Texas.

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  1. The Stein voters in my orbit are rationalizing nonstop. They still think that Sanders would have won! A Jewish socialist from Vermont against the weight of 30+ years of tabloid-fueled hatred?

    And today, one actually said they thought ‘good would come of it.’ No memory of how Bush easily gained a second term. I’m poor, disabled, on MediCal/Medicare. These useful idiots might as well have slipped the knife between my ribs with their own hand.

    Of course, in California their vote didn’t hand the state to the Big Cheetoh. But the attitude, the wailing and gnashing of teeth when Sanders didn’t win the nomination, matched with the attempt to trivialize the catastrophe of 9/8….

    1. I mean, the same polls that showed Clinton winning against Trump showed Sanders doing even better against him. Obviously nobody can predict the future, but he surely would have stood a better chance during this populist-leaning time in our country than a corporate DC insider like Clinton.

      But yes, let’s blame the loss on progressives instead of centrist DNC leadership who had made up their mind about Hillary before the primary even began.

      Probably-Necessary Disclaimer: I voted for Bernie in the primaries, Clinton in the general, and am not a “Stein voter.”

      1. The simple reality is, centrists are the problem. And they always have been. In fact, Bill Clinton’s group, the DLC, was just a Koch front group. We’ve known that for a decade now.

    2. “A Jewish socialist from Vermont against the weight of 30+ years of tabloid-fueled hatred?” 30+ years of tabloid-fueled hatred for someone other than said Jewish socialist. And, um, you may not have noticed, but on a few issues (ACA, TPP), Trump was able to attack her from the left. Also note that the Democrats picked up several seats in both houses, but I digress.

      I voted for her, but the “her turn” fauxminism where we pick a woman who supports Malaysian sex trafficking (Obama had to pretend Malaysia didn’t have issues with child sex trafficking to drum up support for TPP.) to be our candidate? Really?

      What’s funny is watching what’s going on over at Daily Kos, with people pretending to be Clinton supporters but I suspect are Putin’s trolls going on and on with the Dolchstoßlegende and the “Bernie bro” libel.

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