Quickies: Birth control, Luke Cage, sexist language, and gila monsters

  • Arizona’s adorable monsters – “Perhaps because of their name, their garish warning colors, or their infamously venomous bite, these lizards are often persecuted, even though it is against state law to harass, harm, or catch them.”
  • The racist and sexist history of keeping birth control side effects secret – “In September, JAMA Psychiatry published a Danish study that found a correlation between the use of hormonal birth control and being diagnosed with clinical depression.”
  • Luke Cage can’t keep up with the women around him – “In a genre where women have been historically relegated to damsels and side pieces, encountering nuanced and complex female characters in a Marvel series not centered around them is quite a shift.” (Spoiler warning.) From Ray.
  • How to talk with your kids about sexist language – “Sexist speech and behavior (often subtle and unintentional) starts all too early. If you’ve ever told your girl, “Oh, honey, he’s only teasing you because he likes you,” or if you heard a similar sentiment in your own youth, you’ve experienced how our culture often gives boys, from the youngest ages, a free pass when it comes to bad behavior toward girls.”
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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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