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Skepchick Sundaylies! #safetyfirst, 350,000 Stars, the Status of English, and more!

Sunday Funny: A Good Thing (via Poorly Drawn Lines)

Mad Art Lab

It’s #safetyfirst, #sexysecond
Insufficient safety gear isn’t the only thing that’s wrong with this picture.

She Filled the Sky: The Iron Astronomy of Annie Jump Cannon
This ground-breaking astronomer made sense of stars during her more than four decades at the Harvard Observatory.

2nd Thing I Learned: Unsolicited Advice
Robin shares some things she learned while endeavoring to sell her art.

School of Doubt

English Has Never Been Better
Despite the complaints of grammar mavens, new SoD contributor Matthew Scribner thinks English is doing just fine.

Featured image credit: Nigel Howe via Flickr


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