Quickies: Sexism and Hillary Clinton, gamers with disabilities, and blocking bitter tastes

  • A disturbing history of all the sexism Hillary Clinton has endured – “Here’s what I’ve realized: It’s not political radicalism or bitter partisanship that has made conservatives, some on the progressive left, and everyday voters hate Hillary Clinton so much. The answer is surprisingly simple and also the one easiest for skeptics to dismiss: Sexism.” From Mrmisconception.
  • Twitch will highlight disabled gamers this week – “Spohn added that, a lot of the time, it’s deaf gamers who are left out of the streaming scene. Talking (or if you’re PewDiePie, yelling) with viewers in response to chat is how most streamers forge connections with their audience. Since deaf viewers can have difficulty interacting like this, AbleGamers is helping Twitch test the viability of closed captioning for streams.” From Alex.
  • Asking about having (more) kids is not polite small talk – “We shouldn’t disguise such loaded, difficult questions as small talk. We should recognize that asking about having kids is also asking about miscarriage, infertility, and the hundreds of other personal, emotional circumstances that are intertwined.”
  • A magical mushroom powder blocks bitterness in foods – “Not a black coffee drinker? You could be with just a tiny sprinkle of the stuff. It works on the molecular level, bonding to taste receptors on your tongue and blocking signals to your brain that translate to perceiving bitterness.”
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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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