Quickies: Feminist men to avoid, trans rights, and what’s in your tattoo

  • Beware these 10 types of feminist men – An excellent list that’ll probably leave you feeling pretty angry from how familiar these behaviors are.
  • Bill Maher is wrong, trans rights can’t wait – “Our struggles are not “finding panty hose,” nor are they as simple as our right to use a bathroom without fear of assault or arrest. While the fight for bathroom rights has come to symbolize the entire trans rights movement, it’s not a fight that trans people chose. We were pushing for things like employment and housing protections and access to appropriate health care when those on the right suddenly realized that trans people existed and panicked that we might be in the bathrooms with their wives and daughters, even though we had been there quietly for decades without any problems.” From Alex.
  • What chemicals are in your tattoo? – “European regulators worry about the inks used to make body decorations, which can be repurposed from the car paint, plastics, and textile dye industries.” From Ray.
  • Why did the Olympic diving pool turn green? – It wasn’t pee. From Ray.
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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The article on 10 types of feminist men is an interesting counterpoint to the articles telling people they should identify as feminist based on if they support equality in a general sense.
    I don’t explicitly identify as feminist myself out of some residual fear born of watching Richard Dawkins make an oblivious ass out of himself.

  2. I would add one to the list of ten feminists to avoid (although it overlaps a lot of them).

    Beware Male Feminists Who Insist On Calling Themselves Feminists Even After They Have Been Shown To Not Be A Good One – Usually for the benefits that calling themselves feminists can garner.

    Better to call yourself an ally and listen more than talk and you will be the better for it, at least if furthering feminism is your real goal.

    1. I’m not a perfect feminist. By no means. I have subconscious gender biases all over the place that I can and do attempt to reign in, but nonetheless exist. That’s an almost inevitable consequence of growing up in a patriarchal culture.

      Insisting I can’t call the ideology I believe in feminist because of those flaws seems wrong. Honestly, what you’re saying here sounds exclusionary and completely unhelpful.

      The problems in the article are specific failures to address the complexity of a feminist belief system, which should be red flags that maybe they don’t really care.

      What you’re saying here reads a lot more like playing gatekeeper. Creating a test where you’re just plain not allowed to be feminist if you’re not “good” enough.

      1. I’m actually talking about a specific thing I’ve seen happen.

        A male feminist will say he is a feminist and when it is pointed out that he has done things that are not very feminist he will say, I don’t care I’m still going to call myself a feminist. And often it is to reap the benefits of being a feminist, without being a very good one.

        I’m not saying man can’t be, or can’t call himself, a feminist. I personally would rather call myself an ally because it does bother some people, but that is a personal choice.

        The article was about feminists to avoid and I feel that bad feminists who continue to use the term without doing the work should be included, I could have emphasised that part more.

        I was not trying to say that you have to be perfect to claim the title, just that you do have to work at it.

        1. With that clarification, your perspective seems totally reasonable, and I now feel like I was being needlessly contrary.

    1. Right? He’s wrong about so many things that it’s a bit overwhelming. Well, good on the Advocate for kicking off the list. It’s very brave of them but I’m not getting caught in the quagmire of “things Bill Maher is wrong about.”

  3. I was going to make a joke about the Olympic pool being full of Ecto Cooler as a Ghostbusters tie-in, but the story actually mentions it, tangentially anyway.

    On a sadder note, it’s rather disgusting that we are more worried about the icky color of diving pool then we are about the unsafe water that Rio’s poorer residents deal with on a regular basis.

  4. Yeah, I’d also like to add the “I have enough feminist points, so you can’t criticize anything I say” male feminist. It appears they go by many names. It’s truly amazing how many of the Atheist “leaders” fall into this category.

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