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It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! Trump vs. Music, Useful vs. Artful, and Replacing Biblical Homophobia

Sunday Funny: Market for Bread (via SMBC)

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast: Trump vs. Music
The Gang talk about the perennial conflict between politicians and musicians, complete with a Spotify playlist of music Donald Trump has been told not to play!

Women in Science: The Card Game. Gameplay Review!
Dale reviews a card game about women scientists.

Useful or Artful?
Robin probes the difference between gadgets that are useful and gadgets that just fun to watch.

Skepchick Svensk

Lecture on Medical Care for Trans Children Severely Lacked in Quality (på svenska)
Our guest writer went to a lecture on medical care for trans children and was greatly disappointed. Per-Anders Rydelius is one of the Swedish authorities on the subject, but in his lecture he consistently misgendered people, used outdated expressions, and seemed to be unaware of – or indifferent to – the existence of non-binary people.

Homophobia is Getting Old…Like 2000 Years Old (på svenska)
Charmkvark thinks homophobia is getting old, and finds some other passages in the Bible for Christians who want to keep up their righteous anger, but find new, fresh people and actions to project their hate on.

Are Doctors Really Bribed by Big Pharma? (på svenska)
Christine read some recent studies on industry sponsored lunch seminars, applied the findings to Swedish conditions, and used a big dose of logic and science to get some answers.

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