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It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! #TrumpPence Logo, Yellow Bamboo, Classroom Robots, and more!

Sunday Funny: Null hypothesis confirmed. (via SMBC)

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast: Art Lowers Stress Even If You Suck At It and the New Blue
The Gang talk about a new blue hue and how making even bad art can lower stress levels.

Owner of a Lonely Quark: The High Temperature Quantum Chromodynamics of Ágnes Mócsy
Dale tells the story of this groundbreaking physicist in the field of quantum chromodynamics.

Is #TrumpPence Trolling, or Being Trolled?
What’s the deal with that new Trump-Pence logo?


Yellow Bamboo (en español)
Nuskis introduces us to the strange and martial art / healing practice of Yellow Bamboo.

Grounded Parents

Grounded Pregnancy: It’s Okay to Not Be Beautiful
Pregnancy is amazing, but it’s not always pretty and is definitely messy. But that’s OK.

Robots in the Classroom
Bethany looks at a study of how technology aided learning and discussing the findings.

Weekend Reads: Birth Control By App, Dealing With Anxiety In Children, and Reading Aloud is Not Just For Kids
Lou provides his reading recommendations.

Featured image credit: Logan Ingalls via Flickr

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