Quickies: Awkward Time Capsules, Therapy as a Hobby for the Wealthy, and Social Media Misogyny

  • 11 Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Having An Abortion – Sometimes, the feelings behind having an abortion are complicated. Sometimes, it’s relief mixed with guilt, and sometimes it’s more one than the other. Whatever the feelings involved, it’s good to promote stories of people who have experienced abortion and not pretend like it’s not an extremely common procedure. From Alex.
  • The Inevitable, Intergalactic Awkwardness of Time Capsules – “It’s easy to make fun of time capsules, but, as Jarvis details, it’s much harder to fill them with the kind of material that will actually stand the test of time. Often, the things we tuck away for posterity are embarrassing or boring. Sometimes, they’re much worse—racist, bigoted, wrongheaded. Most take that old adage about the winners writing history to its logical conclusion. And they are always, by their very nature, exceedingly presumptuous.”
  • It’s Still Hard To Get Birth Control Pills In California Without A Prescription – “At the California Pharmacists Association’s annual meeting two weeks ago, 150 people took the birth control training workshop, according to Rafie. There are 29,000 registered pharmacists in the state.” I know I should not be surprised by this, but why the fuck is this not a priority.
  • How Therapy Became A Hobby of the Wealthy – Rather Than A Necessity for the Mentally Ill – “Especially in affluent places like the Bay Area, this creates a divide, a culture of mental health haves and have-nots. Mental health clinicians don’t need to participate in the health care system or take insurance to keep their schedules full — making it harder and harder for people of lower income to find a therapist.”
  • Research reveals huge scale of social media misogyny – “The Labour MP said she took her inspiration for Reclaim the Internet from the reclaim the night movement of the 1970s, in which women organised street protests demanding action against harassment, intimidation and violence. ‘Forty years ago women took to the streets to challenge attitudes and demand action against harassment on the streets,’ she said. ‘Today the internet is our streets and public spaces.’ ” From Amy.
  • I Was Right-Wing Until I Was Repulsed – “I wasn’t thinking about how southern Dixiecrats had sold out their own communities to uphold segregation in the decades before I was born, and I certainly wasn’t considering how those same Dixiecrats had eventually been absorbed by the Republican Party. Instead, I had vague ideas about abortion being upsetting and too many people being on welfare. There were too many people on welfare, right? And too many abortions happening, too?”
  • Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes – “Rebecca Burgess sees a problem with the way many people perceive the autism spectrum. Her resolution? The comic below. The Tumblr user debuted ‘Understanding the Spectrum’ (below), which gets rid of the linear autism spectrum image (i.e. you’re either ‘not autistic,’ ‘very autistic’ or somewhere in between) and replaces it with a round spectrum full of several traits or ways the brain processes information.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Mary

    Good for Rachel Farrell. I was pretty right wing myself a little less than a decade ago before I saw the light. I’m even registered as a Republican, because I the time I was rather conservative. I should have re registered as the Democrat, so I could vote for Bernie in the primaries. No use voting in the Republican primary now, especially since there’s no longer any point in trying to keep the worst guy out. Trump is pretty much already their nominee.

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