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It’s the Sundaylies! Mathematical Crochet, Talking Geek Stuff with Len Peralta, and Parenting a Trans* Child

Sunday Funny: Jack and Jill (via xkcd)

Mad Art Lab

Hyperbolic Crochet
This is what happens when mathematicians and scientists get their hands on a crochet hook.

Science Fair: An Opera with Experiments Opens in NYC
Opera and science combine to make one unique show.

Mad Art Cast with Special Guest Geek a Week Artist, Len Peralta
The Gang talk to Geek A Week’s Len Peralta about staying creative, geek culture, and his new comic book.

Grounded Parents

Internet Meme Demolition Derby: What Does Your Child Learn From Eating Fast Food? Plus Bonus Grounded Parents!
Shaming parents for getting their kids fast food is not a way to make a valid criticism of the food industry. Lou delivers in his latest meme takedown.

Dissipating Ghosts and Having a Transgender Child
Cerys explains what it’s like to be a parent of a child who is identifying as a trans man, and the fear, worry, sadness, and love that goes along with the transition (both for the child and the parent).

Weekend Reads: Easter, My First Science Textbooks, and Diapers are a Luxury?
Are Burying Beetles good parents? What are eye boogers? Is there a way to better predict which people will suffer from postpartum depression? Have you been looking for a science textbook for a toddler? Check out Lou’s links for answers to all of these questions!

Featured image credit: Denise Krebs via Flickr

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