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Skepchick Sundaylies! The Future of Cosplay, Hidden Curriculum, and the Post-Apocalyptic World of Little Einsteins

Sunday Funny: Gender Stereotypes – The Game! (via SMBC)

Teen Skepchick

Who You Gonna Call?
Someone is really excited about the new Ghostbusters movie.

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast and The Orbital Mechanics of Starkiller Base
The Gang talks Star Wars-inspired science and cross stitch with Mindy Townsend.

Is the Future of Cosplay 3D Printed?
Ryan wonders about the future of cosplay in an era of 3D printing.


Bios: Alice Hamilton (en español)
Silvia tells the story of this awesome doctor who fought for worker’s health.

School of Doubt

The Hidden Curriculum
Jay expands on his previous post about how teachers communicate values.

Grounded Parents

Little Einsteins: Innocent Kids’ Show or Post-Apocalyptic Earth?
Kids’ shows are often based on ridiculous premises. But is the show Little Einsteins based on a future where robots have killed off all human life, leaving four genetically-engineered children to save the planet by learning about classical music and pre-21st century art? Mary explores this possibility, complete with screencapped evidence.

Meet the Alternative Medicine Doctor Who Uses Flint as a Marketing Ploy
Jenny went to an Integrative Health Expo and attended a talk by Dr. Charles Gant, who uses the lead-poisoning crisis in Flint to sell his services to people across the country, on the premise that “everyone has lead-poisoning.”

I Love Hillary Because She’s a Woman
Hillary Clinton is a woman and a mom, and thus she has faced different challenges in her life than if she identified as a man. She is consistently judged for her looks, for staying with her husband despite infidelity, for being a working mom. So Steph writes that she is voting for Hillary not only because she’s a liberal but also because she is a woman.

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