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Skepchick Sundaylies! LED TARDIS, Plant Remedies, and How Children See Justice

Sunday Funny: Spooky Action (via Tree Lobsters)

Mad Art Lab

New Mad Art Cast: What they Don’t Teach You in Art Class and a special interview with Dawn Olive of CosmoQuest
The Gang talks about the skills it takes to make your art into a profession.

Capping the Chromosome: Elizabeth Blackburn and the Discovery of Telomerase
Dale tells the story of the Nobel Prize winning biologist, Elizabeth Blackburn.

LED All the Things! Paper Tardis Edition
Make your very own TARDIS!


Introduction to Pseudoscience: Phytotherapy – Are plant remedies really harmless? (en español)
Nuskis explores the world of plant remedies, their benefits, and dangers.

Grounded Parents

What is Fair? How Young Children See Justice
Bethany goes over a research research paper on how young children interpret fairness and justice, at different ages.

Weekend Reads: Elections and Bullying, Celebrating Muslim Diversity and Ready Jet Go!
Lou’s weekly links include a link to honest sex education videos (from Australia) and a new show on PBS Kids for teaching kids about science and the solar system.

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