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Skepchick Sundaylies! with Vibrating Spiders, Ugly Things, a “Miracle” Cure-All, and the Charter School Equivalent to #PoliceLivesMatter

Sunday Funny: The unforeseen consequences of detecting gravitational waves. (via xkcd)

Mad Art Lab

Ugly Things and Cosplay with Mad Art Cast
The Gang talks amazing cosplay and ugly things with Ryan.

Vibrating Spiders and Waggling Bees: Madeline Girard’s Multi-Modal Menagerie
Dale tells us about Madeline Girard, who, among other notable discoveries, used a laser to study the mating ritual of the peacock spider.

Ruining Zelda – A Story of Failing Gracefully
Ryan demonstrates the benefits of planned failure.


Attention! I Present To You The Miracle Mineral Solution Cure-All! (en español)
Nuskis tells us about the dangers of MMS.

School of Doubt

#StopBashingTeachers, a Charter School’s Equivalent to #PoliceLivesMatter
Giliell takes down the hashtag #StopBashingTeachers, which was coined to defend a teacher who was caught on tape verbally and emotionally abusing a first-grader.

Surprise! Grades are Nothing Like Dollars
Dan deconstructs a Facebook meme in which a professor shows students the perils of socialism by averaging their grades.

From the Archives: Why College Probably Shouldn’t Be Free
In light of the popular “free college” plank in Bernie Sanders’s platform, we’ve republished Dan’s analysis of accessibility in higher education, and why he thinks college probably shouldn’t be free for everyone.

Grounded Parents

An Otter Got My Kid to Use an Inhaler
Mishka the sea otter was diagnosed with asthma after exposure to smoke from a wildfire, so now she lives at a zoo in order to keep up her inhaler treatment. Deek’s son has asthma too, and learning all about Mishka helped him to learn to use his own asthma medication.

Weekend Reads: Adjusting to Common Core Math, Awesome New Lego, and Talking to Kids About Trump
Lou is taking over the weekly links, and he has included all kinds of links, including one for parents who hated Common Core Math… until they figured it out. Progress!

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